Use Brushes to Apply Facial Masks

The simple wearing of masks with a mask brush

To get a beautiful complexion and maintain the skin on the face, the hands and the feet are important not only creams, liquids and scrubs. Even with a mask you can do something good to your skin. Most probably used the classic face mask which exist in many variations such as with cleansing or moisturizing properties. But also for hands and feet, there are special masks which are tailored to the needs of the skin. To apply the mask, either the hands or even a mask brush can be used.

mask brush

The advantage of the mask brush from is a smoother and more efficient distribution of the mask on the skin. Mask brush are easily up to wide ranging and have soft bristles from natural or synthetic fiber. In addition to using this brush can also be used for masks due to his large tip for foundation. When all brushes, which get products into contact with makeup, it is important that they be thoroughly cleaned after use. Best with warm water and some mild shampoo, rinse the brush, then the remaining water lightly press and the mask brush air dry. So the top is soft again.

mask brushes

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