5 Essential Tricks for Lips Color of Desire

The red lipstick, one of the main icons of feminine beauty, season after season and look good in all mouths. But you have to be able to apply it properly.


Blondes, Brunettes or redheads, whatever … All can benefit from the glamour of a red lipstick. With a matte finish or brighter lights instantly your face and makes it unforgettable makeup. Immortalized by celebrities like the singer Gwen Stefani, appeared most recently on the lips of Jessica Paré, star of the series Mad Men‘ or the actress Julianne Moore, among many other celebrities and it girls. Know your tricks.

5 essential gestures for a mouth that makes you want to Kiss:


1. Prepare your lips. The bright colours invade all the fissures and create small flakes in the mouth. To prevent that from happening, exfoliate your lips, apply a moisturizing balm and let penetrate before moving to lipstick.


2. use brush. For the design look perfect, use a pointed brush and paint your lipswith little touches, starting at the Center. Then, wipe the excess with a tissue to remove the oil but keep the color.


3. Do not use lip contour pencil. In addition to giving an artificial aspect, dry mouth. To keep the red in place, after putting the lipstick, dip a cotton swab in a little loose powder and pass it around the lips.


4. avoid stained teeth. To do this, place your index finger in your mouth and then remove it slowly to get rid of excess color.


5. Standardize the complexion. For the look work, without being excessive, applybase, dark circles, loose powder mask, eyelashes and black eyeliner. Oh and avoid bronzing powders.