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Yearbook 2005

Moldova. Before the March parliamentary elections, President Vladimir Voronin accused "foreign forces" of meddling in Moldovan politics. Shortly before the election, groups of Russian and Belarusian citizens who were considered to want to disrupt the elections were rejected. According to Voronin, Moscow supported both the opposition Alliance Democratic Moldova and the separatists in the transnistrian republic (Dnestr).

2005 Moldova

In the election, however, the Moldovan Communist Party retained its majority in parliament, although it fell from 71 to 56 seats. Democratic Moldova received 34 seats and the Christian Democratic Party, which advocates Moldova's reunification with Romania, received 11 seats. Parliament has 101 seats.

According to countryaah, the opposition felt that the ruling communists had been given undue room in the media during the election movement, but the OSCE election observers explained that the election had largely met international requirements.

Vladimir Voronin was re-elected in April by the new parliament as president. When he was first elected, his goal was to approach Moldova to Russia and make Russian a second official language. But after a conflict with Russia over Transnistria, Voronin turned away from Moscow and instead sought to approach Moldova to the EU, which, according to political analysts, enabled the new election victory for the Communists. All major parties want to approach Moldova to the EU and see this as the solution to the difficult economic and social problems in Europe's poorest countries.

The opposition planned protest meetings after the parliamentary elections with the goal of carrying out a peaceful revolution based on designs from Georgia and Ukraine. Voronin, however, appeared to his critics by allying himself with the new Georgian and Ukrainian leaders. In April, the presidents of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan met in the Moldovan capital of Chişinău and decided to create a "Union for Democratic States" with the goal of getting out of Russia's sphere of interest.

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