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Northern Macedonia

Yearbook 2005

Northern Macedonia (until 2019 Macedonia). According to countryaah, Former Interior Minister Ljube Boskovski was prosecuted in March by the UN Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The charge against Boskovski as well as a former police officer was the first one brought before the tribunal for war crimes in Macedonia It involved the murder of ten ethnic Albanians during a clash between military and Albanian guerrillas during the country's unrest in 2001. Boskovski was transferred to the Hague tribunal from Croatia, where he was already He was remanded in custody pending trial for the murder of seven Asians in 2002. He had been charged with that crime in his home country in May 2004, managed to escape but later arrested in Croatia, where he is also a citizen. When the Asians were murdered, the police allegedly belonged to an al-Qaeda group, but according to the prosecutor, it was Boskovski who staged the murders. He is considered a hard nationalist.

2005 Northern Macedonia

When local elections were held in March and April, it was seen as an important test of political stability in the country as it was the first choice after a disputed municipal merger.

There were reports of, among other things, threats, cheating and theft of ballots, but no violence. Government Coalition Together for Macedonia took home 36 out of a total of 85 districts while the largest opposition party Macedonian nationalist VMRO-DPMNE won in 21.

In December, the EU approved Macedonia as a candidate country with the promise of eventually opening membership negotiations. The EU noted that Macedonia has made great progress politically since it was on the brink of civil war in 2001.

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