A Dummy Too Skinny at TopShop and The “Perfection” of Victoria’s Secret, Polemic a La Vista

The discussion on the body does not rest in fashion. There are brands that walk the tightrope and ultimately end up starring in controversies like that touch you live to TopShop and a Victoria’s Secret at this time. A too skinny mannequin and a campaign in search perfect body the turn amid criticism.

The piernillas by TopShop

When Becky Leigh Hopper Tweet this week TopShop legs mannequin photography not imagine that I would get this far. At this time your tweet has been 8.756 retuits and 6.398 favorites. In it see to a mannequin legs that look like wire and next to a friend of the tuitera with a size 8/10, which is equivalent to 36/38 Spanish.

This type of dummy promotes the sale of pants? I doubt it, but mostly what does not foster’s health and a natural size.

The ‘perfection’ of Victoria’s Secret

Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo… anyone would say that theand are perfect women at the same time as unrealistic. The top Victoria’s Secret models are characterized by extreme diets, a strong gym routine and a thousand other care only suitable for a woman with a job like hers. Perfection is far from being a stereotype of beautand as the los angeles of the lingerie.

And of course, Victoria’s Secret takes a campaign with the slogan’Perfect Body’ and this is his usual controversial. Thanks to the new platforms to collect signatures the complaint have more pull, thus we see how the initiative already two British students in Change-driven account with 14.899 signatures so Victoria’s Secret ask forgiveness for the campaign

According to the Victoria’s Secret students promotes an unhealthand and realistic image when using the terminio Perfect Body’, causing the insecurities of women being far from a kind of beauty, as well as generate multiple health problems!.

The fashion mannequins

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