Map of Antigua and Barbuda Saint John's

Antigua and Barbuda 2005

North America

Yearbook 2005

Antigua and Barbuda. The bourgeois Antigua Labor Party (ALP), which until 2004 held the government for over half a century, repeated repeated attacks against the new government during the left-middle Alliance United Progressive Party (UPP). According to countryaah, Saint John’s is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Antigua and Barbuda. Labor Party leader Lester Bird accused the government of causing the crime wave he believed rinsed the country. Independent judges, however, felt that it was the government’s plans to replace the police management that caused Bird to make the outcome. Bird has close contacts within the top management of the police department. When important information disappeared from a computer in a government department, many suspected that ALP was behind. It was also found that data on the state’s economy were destroyed by the ALP just before the expected regime change in 2004.

Map of Antigua and Barbuda Saint John's

In April, a trade dispute between Antigua and Barbuda and the United States escalated as a result of the interpretation of a ruling in the World Trade Organization’s WTO Supreme Court. While the United States considered the decision to restrict gambling on the Internet, based in Antigua and Barbuda on the US market, Antigua and Barbuda interpreted the decision as saying that it was still possible for these companies to operate in the United States. Gaming via the Internet provides Antigua and Barbuda with important income in foreign currency.