As We Were: Carla Bruni Yesterday, Carla Bruni Hoy

The trajectory of Carla Bruni It was possibly one of the most interesting in history of a model. It was a top of the 90s, top of the truth, that I wanted to look in their campaigns Gianni Versace with his pictorial leggings and George Michael in his videos. After that, some day, a voice soft but hoarse and very interesting emerges from the non-commercial radios with an exquisite album. We seemed to have before us a Juliette Greco with past model. Hete here that surprise Juliette became known as Jackie.

And possible Muse to singer-songwriters, Christina Rosenvinge French partner, as her, man of letters, becomes first lady dressed as Jackie Kennedy and walk two steps behind her husband, the back of anyone who a woman’s weapons has due walk take.

She returns, first made in advertising for Parrot and now on the cover of Vogue Paris December, bella to rage, as always. But long before this took place this cover of 1995 and in which his blue eyes again dominate the scene.

Something, it seems that things have not changed so much.