Aymeline Valade, The New Face That Does Not Leave You Indifferent

Evil tongues that, since the boom of the 90s, where models as Laetitia Casta were all in the world of fashion, the French have spent years trying to raise to the top many of their national models no matter what they say.

They tried it with Sigrid Agren or Constance Jablonski, two spectacular models but failed to succeed at the level that was expected, now we have a new attempt personified in Aymeline Valade, a peculiar beauty of Mediterranean aires but with androgynous features, an explosive mixture that has already captivated much of the fashion world, talent is not missing.

His start on the runway not came very young, especially if we take into account that most of the models currently begin their first works almost in adolescence. She was engaged to teach ballet until age 24, when that opportunity came to the world of fashion.

It would be in 2009 for Bluegirl the second line of BlueMarine in Milan who would make the debut on the catwalk but a year passed virtually unnoticed to the general public until the following year, season in which absorbed almost all eyes in the Parade of Balenciaga, their real professional shuttle.

This time its peculiar beauty, her clear eyes and lips do not go unnoticed and soon it would start to talk about one of the first face most promising of 2010 with campaigns such as the of Etro, Kenzo, Cavalli or of Alexander Wang becoming almost the brand banner in the lookbook and campaign opened its parade.

This would be just an appetizer for what aguardaría you the 2011, which would cover a total of 70 parades, and by opening a total of 9, becoming one of the reference models within the faces newcomers thanks to its easy to manage both in marked masculine air looks as female.

For this 2012 We are sure that many will remember the recent Lookbook for the collaboration of Marni for H & M but more retailers have seen also in the latest campaigns from Lanvin where it leaves clear signs of its potential in front of the camera, as well as having participated in the Parisian couture and his work most recent, the Chanel Cruise show on yesterday.

The covers They also begin to flirt with her, although at the moment the so-called covers top resist you and we are satisfied with seeing her in this number (its most recent cover) magazine or various covers minor in Greek or Japanese editions of Vogue.

Although comparisons are very odious, I can’t see in it the new Freja Beha (up to have the same tone of quite peculiar voice and a style off the catwalks rather characteristic) Although curiously Aymeline Valade It is two years older than her. A model who has gone from anonymity to stardom almost at the same rate that changes dress in a backstage, and now with one more than promising future.