Bartonville, Texas

Bartonville, Texas

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According to watchtutorials, Bartonville, Texas is located in the Hill Country of Central Texas and is known for its rolling hills and lush green landscape. The town sits at an elevation of around 1,000 feet above sea level which gives it a slightly cooler climate than other parts of Texas.

Bartonville is situated in a valley between two major rivers, the Brazos and the Colorado. This geography creates a unique landscape of hills and valleys that are dotted with native vegetation such as mesquite trees and cacti. The area also has several lakes including Inks Lake, Lake Travis, and Lake Buchanan, all of which provide excellent fishing opportunities.

The area around Bartonville has many different types of terrain such as open grassy meadows, rocky hillsides covered with juniper trees, and wooded areas full of oaks or other hardwoods. The terrain varies from flat to hilly depending on the location within Bartonville’s city limits.

In addition to its natural beauty, Bartonville also has several parks that offer recreational activities such as hiking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and ponds for fishing or swimming. These parks provide outdoor enthusiasts with plenty of options for exploring the area’s natural wonders while also providing a place for locals to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Overall, Bartonville’s geography provides visitors with an opportunity to experience a variety of landscapes within a relatively small area. From its rolling hills to its lakeside views to its wooded areas full of native vegetation – there is something for everyone in this small town in Central Texas.

Bartonville, Texas

Demographics of Bartonville, Texas

Bartonville, Texas is a small town located in the Hill Country of Central Texas. The population of Bartonville is estimated to be around 7,000 people and it is primarily a white-collar community.

The majority of the population is made up of middle-class families, with most residents working in professional jobs such as engineering, finance, or healthcare. There are also a number of small businesses located in the area that provide employment opportunities for locals.

The town has a diverse racial makeup with the majority of residents being white (60%), followed by Hispanic (20%), African American (15%), and Asian (5%). The median household income for Bartonville is approximately $63,000 per year and the median home value is around $250,000.

Education levels are generally high in Bartonville with most adults having completed at least some college education. The town also has several elementary and secondary schools which serve students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Bartonville has a variety of recreational activities available to its residents including golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, parks and trails for biking or walking. The town also boasts several restaurants and bars as well as shopping centers that offer an array of goods and services. All these amenities make Bartonville an ideal destination for those looking for a place to call home or just visit for a few days.

Industries of Bartonville, Texas

Bartonville, Texas is a small town located in the Hill Country of Central Texas. The population of Bartonville is estimated to be around 7,000 people and it is primarily a white-collar community.

The economy of Bartonville is made up of several industries including agriculture, retail, healthcare, finance and technology. The town has several farms that produce a variety of crops such as vegetables, fruit and nuts. These products are then sold in local markets or shipped to other parts of the state.

Retail is also an important industry for Bartonville with several malls and shopping centers located in the area. These stores offer a variety of goods and services that appeal to both locals and visitors alike.

Healthcare is another major industry in Bartonville with numerous hospitals, medical centers and clinics located throughout the town. These facilities provide residents with access to quality care while also employing many people from the local community.

Finance and technology are two other important industries for Bartonville as there are a number of financial institutions located in the area as well as tech startups that have set up shop here. These businesses provide valuable services to locals while also bringing much needed jobs into the community.

All these industries have helped make Bartonville an attractive destination for those looking for employment opportunities or just a place to call home. With its diverse economy and recreational activities available to its residents – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to live in this small town in Central Texas.

Road Network in Bartonville, Texas

The road network of Bartonville, Texas is made up of a variety of roads and highways that serve both locals and visitors alike. The town is located on the intersection of two major highways – Interstate 20 and U.S. Highway 380 – which makes it easily accessible from other cities in the region.

In addition to these two major roads, Bartonville also has several other highways that connect it to surrounding towns and cities. The most notable of these is State Highway 114 which runs through the center of the town and connects it to Denton, Dallas and Fort Worth.

Bartonville also has a number of smaller roads throughout the town that provide access to local businesses, parks, schools and residential areas. These include North Main Street, South Main Street, West Oak Street and East Oak Street among others.

The road network in Bartonville is well maintained by the local government with regular maintenance being carried out on a regular basis. This ensures that all drivers can enjoy safe travels while in the area as well as making sure that visitors can find their way around with ease.

Overall, Bartonville’s road network provides locals with easy access to all parts of the city while providing visitors with an efficient way to explore all that this small town has to offer. With its convenient location and well-maintained roads – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to live here or visit for a few days each year.