Bastrop County, Texas Weather

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Bastrop County, Texas is located just east of Austin and is home to over 82,000 people. The county seat is Bastrop, and the largest city in the county is Elgin. According to, the area was first settled in 1804 by Stephen F. Austin and has since grown into a vibrant community with a rich history.

The population of Bastrop County is diverse and includes people from all walks of life. The area’s major industries include manufacturing, agriculture, retail, healthcare, and education. It also has a thriving tourism industry due to its many attractions such as the Lost Pines State Park and McKinney Roughs Nature Park.

The county has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s when it was part of Mexico before becoming part of the Republic of Texas in 1836. It was later annexed by the United States in 1845 and has since been home to several famous figures including Stephen F. Austin himself as well as Sam Houston, who fought for Texas’ independence from Mexico.

Today, Bastrop County offers visitors plenty to see and do including museums, historic sites, wineries, outdoor activities such as camping and fishing, golf courses, shopping centers, restaurants, theatres, parks and more. The area also hosts several annual festivals such as the Bluebonnet Festival which celebrates the state flower of Texas every April.

Famous people who have lived or visited Bastrop County include Willie Nelson who grew up in Abbott; Lyle Lovett who graduated from nearby High School; Matthew McConaughey who attended UT-Austin; Robert Rodriguez who filmed parts of his movie “Sin City” here; as well as musician Gary Clark Jr., actor Kevin Costner and singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham all of whom have played at various venues throughout Bastrop County over the years.

Bastrop County offers something for everyone with its diverse population, vibrant culture and rich history. With its many attractions, it makes for an ideal place to live or visit.

Climate and weather in Bastrop County, Texas

According to, Bastrop County, Texas is a great place to live and visit due to its mild climate and beautiful weather. The county is located in Central Texas and enjoys a subtropical climate with hot summers, mild winters, and plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

During the summer months, temperatures can reach as high as 95°F (35°C), while winter temperatures rarely dip below freezing. The area also experiences an average of 37 inches (94 cm) of rain annually, most of which falls between May and September.

The spring months are generally pleasant with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s (18°C) to the mid-80s (29°C). March is usually the driest month with only 1.7 inches (4 cm) of rain on average while April receives an average of 4 inches (10 cm).

The summer months are hot with temperatures often reaching triple digits, but they are also quite humid due to the area’s proximity to both Lake Bastrop and Lake Travis. July and August tend to be the warmest months with highs in the mid-90s (34°C).

The fall season brings cooler temperatures as well as some much needed relief from the heat. Temperatures typically range from the mid-60s (18°C) during September up into the low 80s (27°C) by November. October is usually one of the wettest months with 4 inches (10 cm) on average.

Finally, winter brings colder temperatures but still plenty of sunshine. Temperatures range from lows in the 30s (-1°C) up to highs in the 50s (12°C). January tends to be one of the drier months with only 1 inch (2 cm) on average while February receives 2 inches (5 cm).

All in all, Bastrop County offers a great climate for those who want to escape cold winters or scorching summers. With its mild weather year-round, it’s easy to understand why so many people choose this area as their home or vacation destination.

Transportation in Bastrop County, Texas

Bastrop County, Texas offers a variety of transportation options for its residents and visitors. The county is served by both public and private transportation services, making it easy to get around the area.

The Capital Metro bus system provides public transportation in Bastrop County. The buses run on weekdays from 6:00am to 8:00pm and on weekends from 8:00am to 6:00pm. The fare for a single ride is $3 or $1.50 for seniors, students, and disabled passengers.

In addition to the Capital Metro bus system, Bastrop County also has several taxi companies that offer services throughout the area. Taxis are a great option for those who need to get around quickly but don’t want to drive their own car. Fares vary depending on the distance traveled but tend to be reasonably priced.

For those who prefer private transportation, there are several car rental companies located in Bastrop County as well as some rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft. Rental cars are a great option for those who plan on staying in the area for an extended period of time or need to transport large items or groups of people.

For longer trips outside of Bastrop County, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is located just 30 miles away in Austin, Texas. This airport offers flights throughout the United States and serves as a hub for many major airlines including American Airlines and United Airlines.

Bastrop County provides plenty of options when it comes to transportation services. Whether you’re looking for public buses, taxis, rental cars, or even flights out of state – there’s something here for everyone.

Cities and towns in Bastrop County, Texas

Bastrop County, Texas is home to a variety of cities and towns. Each one offers something unique for its residents and visitors alike.

The county seat of Bastrop County is the city of Bastrop. This small city is known for its historic downtown area, which features a variety of boutiques, restaurants, and other businesses. The city also hosts several annual festivals such as the Lost Pines Music Festival and the Bastrop Music Festival.

Located just west of Bastrop is Cedar Creek, Texas. This small rural town is home to several parks and outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking. It’s also home to the Cedar Creek Lake Dam, which provides recreational activities such as swimming, boating, and water skiing.

According to countryaah, Smithville is another popular town in Bastrop County. Located just east of Austin, this town offers a charming downtown area with unique shops and restaurants as well as plenty of outdoor activities such as kayaking on the Colorado River or visiting nearby Lake Buchanan.

Red Rock is located in western Bastrop County near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. This small town has a vibrant art scene and offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation with its numerous parks and trails along the Colorado River.

Elgin is located in southeastern Bastrop County near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport as well as several major highways making it easy to get around the area quickly. Elgin also has an impressive historic downtown district which features a variety of unique shops, restaurants, galleries, museums, and more.

There are many great cities and towns in Bastrop County that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural attractions – there’s plenty to explore here.