Bregje Heinen, from The Catwalk 080 The Parade of Victoria’s Secret

For many models, his dream is to see above the catwalk with two huge wings on each side and marching to the sound of sugarcane music while thousands of eyes are watching. Yes, talk about the parade of Victoria’s Secret, a show that each year attracts more and more followers (and adept). And Bregje Heinen It can boast that she is an angel of victory. But if I speak today it is because his angelic face is a face that not never fails in the editions of 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Yes, it seems that this gateway which was born as an alternative fashion, is all a platform from projection of future and not just for young designers: the models are also promoted. Markfast, Manuel Bolaño or Ja wasn’t are just some of the designers who did not hesitate to show their collections in it, and now we can talk about those that are responsible for look models.

In the parade of Justice Ruano

The truth is that when this last winter I saw parade for the signature of the world most famous lingerie told me: eh! I it know it. And it is as I have said earlier, it is one typical of the 080. I like to think that something ‘so small’ as it is the gateway, in the end has one purpose rather than positive.

Parading for Desigual

The parades never lost? Those of TCN: in bikini, bathing suit or underwear, the parade with these garments so sexy isn’t you new.
The result

The truth is that all the angels of the firm they are spectacular the day of the parade (is what it is) and above all give off energy and great times. She could not be more fabulous (like all), do not you think?

What do you think about this new ‘signing’?