Buy an Extra Seat Due to Its Volume to Be Model Only a Step (Or 100 Kilos Less)

Rosie market, probably never thought that it could be a model. He weighed 186 pounds, and bottomed out the day that a steward told him that he would have to buy a double seat to travel by plane. Then began to exercise and eat healthy, until he managed to lose 100 pounds in two years and It became a model of large sizes. Its objective was to gain in health and to make such everyday things as carrying ride or to the movies their children, things that prevented him from being overweight. But its amazing beauty helped him to begin a career as a model.

The model suffered several setbacks in his life that compounded their problems with food. “My son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, my marriage collapsed, everything that could happen, happened.”. Your diet does not conceal any secret: exercising daily (yoga, running, boxing and boot camp), avoids fast food, follows a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates, eating plenty of vegetables, drink plenty of water and avoids dairy products, although it also allows a cheat meal a week. Changing habits has given him a better quality of life. Now you can get out to walk or ride a bike with their children, which also helps to keep fit.

Rosie market It has 35 years, three children of 15, 9 and 8 years and is model. It is the best example that anyone can have an opportunity in fashion. He has now signed a contract for the advertising campaign of the firm Igigi, and it continues to maintain, although its aim is not to reach a size 34 or 36. He is haunted with the moment that is living and lead a life healthy. Not are these personal stories you really inspiring?