Cala Santandria - combine beach life and city life

Cala Santandria – Combine Beach Life and City Life


If you want that calm and beautiful beach life and at the same time be extremely close to the city that has culture, history, shopping and nightlife, then Cala Santandria is the perfect alternative. This resort is located just south of Ciutadella, formerly the capital of Menorca. Cala Santandria is one of Menorca’s smallest resorts and here are only a small number of hotels and a narrow but genuine bay. In total there are 5 restaurants here, only a few souvenir shops and a shop by the beach. The shops are also closed between 13-17 for siesta, just like in all other places in Menorca.

According to Estatelearning, Cala Santandria is truly a quiet and peaceful place that is best suited for couples in love and seniors. Most people who live here regularly take the bus to Ciutadella, as the buses depart several times a day and cost a little money. It is only 2 km between the resorts so you can almost call Cala Santandria a cozy suburb of the charming port city.

Things to see in Ciutadella

One must understand, before deciding on Cala Santandria, that there are few activities and attractions here. In this place, it is peace and relaxation that applies. You can find the nightlife in Ciutadella and the shopping and restaurants are also much better here. Therefore, you can read more about things to do there, as you will probably go there a lot.

  • The San Juan fiesta begins at the end of June and involves many market stalls with sweets and local delicacies, horse shows, dancing and cheering.
  • The harbor is both a historic place and a place for nightlife and shopping. Hundreds of years ago, this port was the center of trade and exchange and you can still feel the lively atmosphere, although it has declined slightly. Several boats depart from the port, both to Mallorca and mainland Spain – then to Valencia and Barcelona.
  • The Old Town of Cuitadella is, however, probably the most cozy place but with a hint of luxury. Here the narrow alleys are interspersed with magnificent palaces and residences for rich people and if you want to look into shops, this is the right place. The main square Plaça d’es Born is a hub and a meeting place and here you can both photograph the palace located here and have a coffee or a pomade before dinner.

Beaches in Cala Santandria

There is a central beach in Cala Santandria that looks like a cove. It is called Platja Cala Santandria and the other is called Playa Sa Caleta d’en Gorries which consists only of rock ledges. The beach is therefore good for those who like to jump from high altitudes.

Hotels in Cala Santandria

Those who want to travel here have a few hotels to choose from. Some of them are apartment hotels where you take care of yourself and the others are regular hotels in different price ranges. There are also several hotels a few kilometers from the resort if you prefer to stay a little closer to Ciutadella or a little more distant. A tip is to choose all-inclusive as the restaurant selection is small.

Prinsotel La Caleta and Aparthotel Club Andria are two mid-range hotels with a good standard and outdoor pools.

Cala Santandria - combine beach life and city life