Rules for Entering Mauritius

Rules for Entering Mauritius

From October 01, 2021, vaccinated tourists can visit Mauritius without quarantine. Unvaccinated tourists arriving in Mauritius will be subject to a 14-day quarantine. To board a flight to Mauritius, tourists must present: – A certificate of vaccination in English or French. The tourist must be fully vaccinated, after the introduction of the second dose of […]

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Angola History

Angola History

Around 8000 years ago, the Khoisan people lived in what is now Angola as gatherers and small animal hunters. From 500 AD, Bantus came to the areas and were hunters and gatherers in the arid regions, and nomadic cattle herders in the more fertile areas, some of whom also farmed. From around 1400 various states […]

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WTO History

WTO History

The emergence The World Trade Organization (WTO) was formed in 1995, but plans for an international trade organization already existed when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank were formed in 1944. A decision was made in 1948 to establish the International Trade Organization (ITO) as a specialist body within the UN. However, […]

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Alexandria Travel Guide

Alexandria combines a long history with beautiful beaches. Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, Alexandria is Egypt’s second largest city and a historically significant destination. The city is reminiscent of Turkey or Greece. It is also known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. History and beaches Alexandria is located in northern Egypt on the […]

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Map of Zimbabwe Harare

Zimbabwe 2005

Yearbook 2005 Zimbabwe. The run-up to the parliamentary elections in March revealed that the ZANU-PF government party had problems with an internal power struggle. According to countryaah, Harare is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Zimbabwe. Several heavier party officials were removed from the ballot boxes, including Information Minister […]

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Map of Zambia Lusaka

Zambia 2005

Yearbook 2005 Zambia. According to countryaah, Lusaka is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Zambia. The opposition was fiercely opposed to President Levy Mwanawasa throughout the year, who was accused of incompetence and authoritarian leadership. After a strike among the miners in the province of Copperbelt degenerated into riots […]

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Western Sahara 2005

Yearbook 2005 Western Sahara. Police intervened in May and June against a large number of Sahrawis in the cities of El-Aaiún, Smara and ad-Dakhla who demonstrated against the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara. A number of protesters were arrested and twelve were sentenced in July to up to eight years in prison, among others..a. for […]

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Map of Uganda Kampala

Uganda 2005

Yearbook 2005 Uganda. As the year began, the government’s attempt to make peace with the Christian fundamentalist militia had just failed the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). In February, however, the government announced a new time-limited ceasefire to attract guerrillas to new negotiations. Some commanders gave up the fight during the year, and it was suggested […]

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Map of Tunisia Tunis

Tunisia 2005

Yearbook 2005 Tunisia. According to countryaah, Tunis is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Tunisia. Attorney Mohamed Abbou was sentenced in May to three and a half years in prison for criticizing the treatment of prisoners in the country in an article on the Internet. The verdict prompted many […]

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Map of Togo Lome

Togo 2005

Yearbook 2005 Togo. According to countryaah, Lome is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Togo. President Gnassingbé Eyadéma died in a heart attack on February 5. He turned 69 and was the African leader who reigned for the longest time. He took power in a coup in 1967. The […]

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Map of Tanzania Dodoma

Tanzania 2005

Yearbook 2005 Tanzania. According to countryaah, DDodoma is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Tanzania. The fact that Tanzania has been a democracy since 1992 was hardly noticeable in the general elections that were held in late autumn. The Revolutionary Party (Chama Cha Mapinduzi, CCM) who ruled throughout the […]

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Map of Sudan Khartoum

Sudan 2005

Yearbook 2005 Sudan. According to countryaah, Khartoum is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Sudan. The agreement on a permanent ceasefire signed by the government and the South Sudanese guerrilla SPLM on New Year’s Eve 2004 was confirmed in January through a formal peace agreement. Shortly thereafter, the government […]

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Map of South Africa Cape Town

South Africa 2005

Yearbook 2005 South Africa. According to countryaah, Bloemfontein; Pretoria; Cape Town is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of South Africa. South Africa suffered its worst political crisis in 2005 since the apartheid system ceased in 1994. In June, Schabir Shaik, economic adviser to Vice President Jacob Zuma, was sentenced […]

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Map of Somalia Mogadishu

Somalia 2005

Yearbook 2005 Somalia. The peace hopes that prevailed in 2004, when a new political leadership was elected following a conference in Kenya, returned in 2005 in deep pessimism. The warlords who dominated the new government showed no interest in putting the war documents aside and cooperating politically. In principle, both the African Union and the […]

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Map of Sierra Leone Freetown

Sierra Leone 2005

The country covers an area of ​​71,740 km 2 and, at the 1985 census, had a population of 3,517,530 residents. Demographic estimates for 1991 attributed to SL a population of 4,260,000 residents. The country is divided into four provinces and 13 districts. The average density is around 50 residents / km 2, contracts in the […]

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Map of Seychelles Victoria

Seychelles 2005

Yearbook 2005 Seychelles. In January, the government announced that the authorities should develop a warning system to minimize the damage caused by natural disasters. The reason was the tsunami in the Indian Ocean December 26, 2004. The disaster caused extensive material damage in the Seychelles, located about 500 miles from Sumatra where the severe earthquake […]

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Map of Senegal Dakar

Senegal 2005

Yearbook 2005 Senegal. In January, Parliament passed a contentious law that granted amnesty to persons convicted of political crimes in 1983-2004. According to countryaah, Dakar is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Senegal. The opposition, but also parts of the ruling party alliance, criticized the law, which meant that […]

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Map of Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome

Sao Tome and Principe 2005

Yearbook 2005 São Tomé and Príncipe. According to countryaah, Sao Tome is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Sao Tome and Principe. The prospect of finding oil under the sea in São Tomé and Príncipe’s territory began to generate large incomes but also social and political problems. Two oil […]

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Map of Rwanda Kigali

Rwanda 2005

Yearbook 2005 Rwanda. The Hutumilis Democratic Forces of Rwanda’s Liberation (FDLR) announced in March that it would lay down its weapons and move on to conduct political activities. The FDLR, whose members participated in the Tutsis genocide in 1994, has for several years been based in eastern parts of Congo (Kinshasa), where the militia is […]

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Map of Republic of the Congo Brazzaville

Republic of the Congo 2005

Yearbook 2005 Congo. According to countryaah, Brazzaville is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Republic of the Congo. The civil war in the late 1990s still leaves deep traces. In October, fierce fighting broke out in a district in Brazzaville in connection with the exile of ex-Prime Minister Bernard […]

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Map of Nigeria Abuja

Nigeria 2005

Yearbook 2005 Nigeria. According to countryaah, Abuja is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Nigeria. President Olusegun Obasanjo has promised a tough fight against corruption, which has long diminished Nigeria’s reputation. Several prominent people fell victim to the campaign during the year, led by the EFFC Eco Crime Commission. […]

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Map of Niger Niamey

Niger 2005

Yearbook 2005 Niger. Two domestic political issues caused popular protests. According to countryaah, Niamey is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Niger. A 19% value-added tax introduced in January to strengthen the state budget led to extensive demonstrations in the larger cities. Dozens of people were arrested and held […]

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Map of Namibia Windhoek

Namibia 2005

Yearbook 2005 Namibia. According to countryaah, Windhoek is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Namibia. An era in independent Namibia’s history ended in March, when the country’s first president, Liberal leader Sam Nujoma, resigned. He was succeeded by his close associate Hifikepunye Pohamba, who was elected in November 2004 […]

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Map of Mozambique Maputo

Mozambique 2005

Yearbook 2005 Mozambique. Politically, Mozambique experienced a fairly calm year since the opposition party and former rebel movement Renamo withdrew the threat of boycotting Parliament in protest against the handling of the December 2004 elections.. Economically, Mozambique is also relatively successful and managed to maintain the growth of recent years, which has been at 7-8% […]

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Map of Morocco Rabat

Morocco 2005

Yearbook 2005 Morocco. According to countryaah, Rabat is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Morocco. The King of Spain Juan Carlos made an official visit to Morocco. January 17-19 The visit was an expression of the improved relations between the countries, which have previously had conflicts regarding the control […]

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Map of Mauritius Port Louis

Mauritius 2005

Yearbook 2005 Mauritius. According to countryaah, Port Louis is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Mauritius. The opposition won the parliamentary elections on July 3. The Social Alliance, which includes Mauritius’s Labor Party and several small parties, received 42 of Parliament’s 70 seats. The ruling coalition, consisting of Mauritius […]

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Map of Mauritania Nouakchott

Mauritania 2005

Yearbook 2005 Mauritania. On August 3, a group of militants conducted a coup in Mauritania. Meanwhile, President Maaouya Ould Sid’Ahmed Taya, who himself came to power in a 1984 coup, was at King Fahd’s funeral in Saudi Arabia. The bloody coup began with soldiers from the presidential guard occupying the army headquarters, the state radio […]

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Map of Mali Bamako

Mali 2005

Yearbook 2005 Mali. According to countryaah, Bamako is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Mali. Mali was severely affected by the same famine as other countries in the region, however, without being noticed in foreign media as much as neighboring Niger. More than 1 million residents were described as […]

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Map of Malawi Lilongwe

Malawi 2005

Yearbook 2005 Malawi. Newly elected President Bingu wa Mutharika was threatened at the beginning of the year with the exclusion of his party the United Democratic Front (UDF). He had been on edge with the party since he started a campaign against corruption that affected, among other things. several ministers and civil servants who were […]

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Map of Madagascar Antananarivo

Madagascar 2005

Yearbook 2005 Madagascar. Hopes for strong economic growth, driven by increased tourism and successful exports of textiles and vanilla, were dampened by an energy crisis that was mainly caused by the sharply increased oil price. The state-owned energy company Jirama bases 60% of its electricity generation on diesel and ended up with serious financial problems […]

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Map of Libya Tripoli

Libya 2005

Yearbook 2005 Libya. In May, Libya stopped the last agreed payment of damages to relatives of the dead in the Lockerbie attack in 1988. Since 2003 and 2004, Libya had paid a total of US $ 8 million for each of the 270 victims since the UN sanctions against the country. The last payment, of […]

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Map of Liberia Monrovia

Liberia 2005

Yearbook 2005 Liberia. During its provisional regime, added at the end of the civil war in 2003, Liberia began to return to normal contact with the outside world. At the UN summit in New York in September, Acting President Gyude Bryant signed 103 international agreements, ranging from trade rules and human rights issues to the […]

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Map of Lesotho Maseru

Lesotho 2005

Yearbook 2005 Lesotho. According to countryaah, Maseru is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Lesotho. The first nationwide municipal elections were held in April, but were characterized by low interest. The opposition boycotted the elections with reference to poor preparation and unclear powers for the new municipal assemblies, which […]

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Map of Kenya Nairobi

Kenya 2005

Yearbook 2005 Kenya. After several years of debate, the government presented a proposal for a new constitution in July. However, the restriction of the president’s power that the current government went to elections in 2002 had been significantly watered down, triggering riots in Nairobi. The bill also divided the broadly composed government, where several ministers […]

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Map of Ivory Coast Yamoussoukro

Ivory Coast 2005

Yearbook 2005 Ivory Coast. In December 2004, Parliament had amended several laws to facilitate the peace process after the civil war of 2002–03. In January, however, President Laurent Gbagbo said that the key issue about the presidential candidates’ “pure” Ivorian background must be submitted to a referendum. When he also demanded that the peacekeeping forces […]

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Map of Guinea-Bissau Bissau

Guinea-Bissau 2005

Yearbook 2005 Guinea Bissau is a country located in Africa as noted by Abbreviationfinder. At the beginning of the year, tensions rose for the presidential election, which in March was postponed to June 19. Delays in the establishment of voting lengths were said to be the cause. The ruling party African Independence Party of Guinea […]

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