Cayo Guillermo, Cuba

Cayo Guillermo, Cuba

North America

A small and clean island with a clear sea, a spacious snow-white coastline and herds of pink flamingos is Cayo Guillermo, lost in the middle of the Caribbean. On this small piece of land, there are only three beaches, washed by a calm sea, with a total length of 4 km, among which the picturesque Playa Pilar is especially good. He, for a moment, is considered one of the best in all of Cuba, and its name, as you might guess, refers to the favorite yacht of “Grandpa Ham” (Ernest Hemingway, a Cuban regular).

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Cuba is 11.32 million (2021).

Local hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis.

How to get there

After landing at the Cayo Coco Jardines del Rey airport, you need to take a ground transfer to Cayo Guillermo (the islands are connected by a highway – a bulk dam about 20 km long). In turn, you cannot get to Cayo Coco from Russia by a direct flight: in any case, you need to fly with a connection, either through European cities, or in Varadero or Havana.

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Cayo Guillermo Hotels

The resort hotels, and there are not many of them, are one “five” Melia Cayo Guillermo, two “fours” Sol Cayo Guillermo and Iberostar Daiquiri and one recently updated “three” Villa Cojimar. All of them work on the system “all inclusive”. In general, Cayo Guillermo is completely given over to tourists – the locals do not live here, so you will have to rotate exclusively in a multinational tourist environment.

Entertainment and attractions

The beaches are the main (and perhaps the only) local attraction. Also – the highest dunes in the islands of the Caribbean (their height reaches 15 m). Of the entertainment, sailing on yachts, as well as diving and snorkeling are especially popular. Moreover, the last two types of pastime are especially famous: after all, just a kilometer from the coast of Cayo Guillermo lies a huge coral reef of fabulous beauty. They say that experts awarded him an honorable second place in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in terms of diversity and number of underwater inhabitants.

On the island, at the hotel complexes, there are three sports water centers – Abalon, Action Sport and Coco Diving, where you can rent all the necessary ammunition and even take diving courses with a certificate. In addition, they also offer services for day and even night dives for experienced swimmers. In addition, amazing shows with sharks are arranged in Abalon – a spectacle that is fascinating and memorable.

As excursions, a day trip to Moron and two-day trips to Trinidad and Havana are offered. Another popular outdoor activity is kiting. If you believe the rumors, then it was here that the first kite station was opened on the “Island of Freedom”. The KiteLand Park Center operates at the Villa Cojimar hotel, they will also provide equipment and, if desired, put all neophytes on the board.

A popular outdoor activity in Cayo Coco is kiting. If you believe the rumors, then it was here that the first kite station was opened on the “Island of Freedom”.

Most of the island is uninhabited, empty and wild. What gives guests a lot of opportunities for exciting walks along the emerald foliage of mangroves, enjoying the silence, peace and birdsong. However, you should be careful about the heat (at noon such voyages are hardly a pleasure) and some animals. They are not dangerous, but rare – so their peace should not be disturbed.

If you want to spend the evening more brightly and actively, you should return to the hotel. All of them arrange colorful shows for their tourists so that they do not get bored. In addition, each complex boasts a fitness center, shops and restaurants.

Cayo Guillermo, Cuba