Cheatham County, Tennessee Weather

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Cheatham County, Tennessee is located in the central part of the state, about 40 miles from Nashville. It is home to a population of around 40,000 people and is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. According to, the county was established in 1856 and named for Confederate General and former Tennessee Governor William B. Cheatham.

The county offers a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy including history museums, art galleries, parks, wineries, and more. One popular destination is the Harpeth River State Park which features over 25 miles of hiking trails as well as kayaking and canoeing opportunities on the river itself.

For those interested in history and culture, Cheatham County also has several sites that offer insight into its past including the historic Ashland City Courthouse which was built in 1856 and serves as an important reminder of the county’s rich history. Other cultural attractions include local wineries such as Natchez Hills Winery which offers wine tastings as well as live music events throughout the year.

Cheatham County has also been home to several notable figures throughout its history such as country music legend Johnny Cash who was born in Kingsport near Ashland City; actor Morgan Freeman who grew up in Clarksville; Grammy Award-winning singer Trisha Yearwood who grew up near Pleasant View; NFL quarterback Steve McNair who was born in Mount Juliet; and Pulitzer Prize winning author Cormac McCarthy who lived near Kingston Springs throughout his life.

Cheatham County provides something for everyone whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural attractions there’s plenty to explore here. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and abundance of natural beauty it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this area home.

Climate and weather in Cheatham County, Tennessee

According to, Cheatham County, Tennessee has a humid subtropical climate which is characterized by hot and humid summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature in the county is around 56°F with temperatures ranging from an average high of 87°F in July to an average low of 28°F in January.

Precipitation is common throughout the year with an average of 48 inches of rain and snowfall annually. Snowfall usually occurs between late November and early March, though it can occur at any time during the winter months. During the summer months, thunderstorms are common due to the high humidity levels in the area.

The spring season typically brings mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine while fall tends to be sunny with cooler temperatures. While temperatures can vary from day to day, Cheatham County generally enjoys mild weather year-round which makes it a great place to visit any time of year.

Cheatham County also experiences four distinct seasons which allow for a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and more throughout the year. With its mild weather and abundance of natural beauty, Cheatham County is an ideal destination for those looking for a peaceful getaway or outdoor adventure alike.

Transportation in Cheatham County, Tennessee

Cheatham County, Tennessee has a variety of transportation options available for those living in or visiting the area. The county is served by two major highways, Interstate 24 and US Route 41A, which provide easy access to nearby cities such as Nashville, Clarksville, and Murfreesboro.

The county also has several public bus routes operated by Cheatham County Transit that run throughout the county and make stops in major towns such as Ashland City and Pleasant View. These buses provide an affordable way to get around the area and are available on weekdays from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

In addition to public transportation, Cheatham County is home to several airports including Nashville International Airport which is located just 45 minutes away in Nashville. There are also several smaller regional airports located in nearby cities such as Clarksville and Murfreesboro that provide commercial flights as well as private air charters for those looking for a more convenient way to travel.

For those looking for an even more convenient way to get around town, there are also several taxi companies operating throughout the county that offer both local service and long-distance trips. Taxis can be found at most major intersections or you can call ahead of time for pick-up service.

Cheatham County has a variety of transportation options available for residents and visitors alike whether you’re looking for a quick trip around town or a longer distance journey. With its numerous transportation options getting around this beautiful area is both easy and convenient.

Cities and towns in Cheatham County, Tennessee

According to countryaah, Cheatham County, Tennessee is home to a variety of cities and towns that provide its residents with a great quality of life. The county seat is Ashland City, a town known for its historic downtown area and vibrant cultural scene. The city is also home to the Cheatham County Courthouse, which houses the county’s government offices.

Other cities in the county include Pleasant View, Kingston Springs, Chapmansboro, and Pegram. Pleasant View is known for its quaint downtown area that features several shops and restaurants as well as a variety of recreational activities such as fishing and kayaking in the nearby Harpeth River. Kingston Springs is home to a number of historical sites such as the Old Stone Fort State Park and several Civil War battle locations.

The smaller towns of Chapmansboro and Pegram are both known for their peaceful rural atmosphere that offers residents a great place to live away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. Both towns have plenty of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and more throughout the year.

Cheatham County has something for everyone whether you’re looking for an urban or rural lifestyle. With its mild weather and abundance of natural beauty, this area provides residents with an ideal place to call home.