Map of Comoros Moroni

Comoros 2005


Yearbook 2005

Comoros. According to countryaah, Moroni is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Comoros. President Azali Assoumani visited France in January, the first state visit in 20 years that a Comorian leader had been in the former colonial power. Assoumani met with both the President of France and the Deputy Minister of Assistance. They promised to consider resuming aid to the Comoros, which has been frozen because of the political chaos of recent years with a series of coups and coup attempts.

Map of Comoros Moroni

The French government announced in March that it would increase health care and pensions for civil servants on the Comorian island of Mayotte, which is governed by France. This means that the island, which the Comoros claim, becomes even more dependent on the old colonial power. France would also give a larger part of the population access to health insurance, and as early as April school food was introduced in the island’s schools.

President Assoumani warned in November of difficulties in organizing elections in time on Nzwani (Anjouan), which according to the constitution is the island that will elect a new Union president in early 2006. Assoumani, who was elected Union president by the electorate of Ngazidja (Grande Comore) in 2002, will hand over power to a new president in April 2006. The three islands of the Union have extensive self-government and the president claimed that he lost all power on Nzwani (Anjouan) and therefore could not organize any election there.