Map of Costa Rica San Jose

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Costa Rica. According to countryaah, San Jose is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Costa Rica. Oscar Arias, president 1986-90 and recipient of the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts for peace in Central America, announced in January that he is running for the 2006 presidential election. The decision was followed by a series of departures from his party PLN (Partido Liberación Nacional) by several prominent political personalities who believe that Arias has betrayed the party’s social democratic ideal.

Map of Costa Rica San Jose

After seven years of conflict with Nicaragua and three years of fruitless bilateral negotiations, Costa Rica took the issue of its historic maritime rights on the San Juan River to the International Court of The Hague in September. At the same time, however, the two countries have agreed on joint investments of US $ 174 million for economic development in the border area.

San José

San José, the capital of Costa Rica; 288,100 residents (2011); with suburbs, the city holds 2.16 million. San José is located in the central highlands at an altitude of 1160 m; The climate is tropical with summer rain. The area is volcanic with several active volcanoes.

The city was changed. 1736 as Villa Nueva, but growth began only when coffee drinking became common in Europe and the United States. The coffee trade meant that the city became one of Central America’s richest, and churches, schools, museums and theaters were built. The National Theater of 1897, built with donations from rich coffee farmers and with the Paris Opera as an example.

A strong population growth in the 1960’s and 1970’s has meant that many old buildings have been replaced by modern American architecture. This Americanization reflects both the Costa Rican’s dream of the United States and the fact that 20,000-30,000 Americans live in the country. Urban growth has also caused a lot of pollution, and most recently slums have shot up in the southern part of the city.