Couture Couture, Test The New and Rebel Fragrance from Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture opens its third fragrance, Couture Couture, After the first, with the brand name and the second, Viva La Juicy. The former have not had the pleasure to try them, but this third… not left me indifferent.

And it is that he draws attention. The packaging It should be something secondary, or perhaps more functional, but not. We love the wrappers, bottles and elaborate, with personality, original boxes. And in this case, otherwise not, but the packaging of this fragrance is very careful.

So lovers of cosmetic product designs, among which I include myself you love them, or at least seem striking, this fragrance out: whole sumptuousness in gold and Fuchsia.

But we come to the crux of the matter…

What smells like Juicy Couture?

If I have to be very concise, I will say that this fragrance smells strongly to red grape, concentrated, sparkling, strong, striking. But it is not its only note, although the more powerful. Let’s see:

  • Notes: Red grape, orange blossom and Tangerine flower.
  • Heart notes: Ripe plum, honeysuckle and Jasmine.
  • Background notes: Sandalwood, amber and vanilla.

It is a rather powerful perfume, so I do not recommend it be to pituitary sensitive. At the beginning, the note of red grape stands out perfectly, very blatant way. After this initial hatching, gives way to a more floral heart, which dominates the Honeysuckle (I love the scent of this flower). The background notes holding pretty good fragrance, making it last but with a much less penetrating aroma.

Who is Juicy Couture directed?

The perfume was inspired by Zoe, the teen one of the founders of the brand. What was intended is to make a perfume for girls who skip rules, that disobey, that sporting, who are rebel.

Personally, I do not see this perfume for a teenager it’s quite intense. I think that it is suitable for young women, who like to “trace” through its aroma. Do not take it day, although Yes it seems perfect for the night.

Couture Couture prices and formats

The fragrance comes in Eau de Parfum Spray, in three sizes: 30 milliliters (55 euros), 50 milliliters (77 euros) and 100 ml (105 euros).

In three sizes, the bottle is decorated with a zip and tape with a pair of the brand, apart from the sumptuous Cap charms.

The rest of the line Couture Couture

Couture Couture range is completed with several products that I’ve tried two. The first of these is the body lotion, as you can see, the bottle is also beautiful. It is a cream quite fine and pleasant texture enriched with oil of seeds of grape, with moisturizing properties. It maintains the same perfume that its fragrance, and leaves a small brillito in the skin. Its price is 39 euros 200 ml bottle.

For the body, they have also created a moisturising cream. I have not tried this. It comes in a jar of 200 milliliters and costs 59 euros. Apart from grape seed oil contains other moisturizers like Shea butter and macadamia nut oil. Apparently, this leaves more glimpses into the skin than the other. (You can see it in the photo gallery)

The second product of the range I tested comes inevitably by eyes thanks to its Super packaging. It’s one box with loose powder body. The formula takes diamond, pearls and silk powder. In short is a very fine, fragrant and ultra-bright powder. I am looking forward to good weather to be able to wear the iridescent effect that provides. And what I say tassel? Lovely, huh?

Here you can see in detail the texture of powders. Costs 59 Euro 96 grams pot.

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