Daiane Conterato, a Beauty of The Most Peculiar Sweeping The Runways

Secretive, almost unnoticed, this model of curious factions It has positioned itself as a model in any fashion week self-respecting.

At 22 years and without the drum media that always surrounds the large top models, our protagonist has behind him a whopping 500 parades, all veteran gateways whose face will have not gone unnoticed to anyone by its peculiar beauty. Now his name will not do it: Daiane Conterato.

Different beauty, outside the classical canons, few would say at first glance that this is a Brazilian model. He began to take its first steps in the renowned Agency of Monica Monteiro in São Paulo and soon would call the attention of fashion professionals getting parade with just 15 years at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

The destiny wanted that Paul Rowland, the great guru of the model agencies and owner of Ford Models was in Brazil during those days, which led to it should be set on the curious faces of our protagonist.

It did not think it was twice and put a contract on the table that Daiane accepted without hesitation. It would only take a few weeks and already it would be crossing the pond. Her first target would be Milan, where it was waiting with open arms Miuccia Prada the perfect model for his shows, saw in Daiane precisely when he started to bet on beauty out of the ordinary, very thin, of sad appearance, almost depressive, and in the majority of cases of completely unknown names.

Daiane was one of the few who knew how to open gap from the trampoline that awarded the parades of Prada beyond 2006. From that moment would open you a professional path marked mainly by publishers and especially work on the catwalk.

The following season would already be capable of opening parades as of Alexander McQueen and it would soon start a carousel of parades that would lead him to be for all the great designers that can you come to mind. From Chanel to Valentino, through Dior, Louis Vuitton, and of course, Prada, becoming a model essential in all their parades so far.

Their advertising campaigns even though they are not very extensive it are well-known. In 2007, gets its first major campaign, to Miss Sixty together with Vlada Roskyalova to those who would still be timely campaigns like the Marc Jacobs (2008), Akris or DKNY, latter two in 2009.

His presence on the covers of fashion has not been very striking, a brief review of his career brings to mind a number of covers that they can count on the fingers of one hand and yet us more than enough, like L’Officiel Brazil (2008), or the V magazine in 2010.

It is clear that by their peculiar beauty It is not a model that is very in demand for photography but it matters little, Daiane is gateway, its natural habitat where unfolds like a fish in water.

Number of parade is amazing in comparison with of any other top model’s recognized name, averaging more than 50 parades per season continuously for the past six years. No doubt the clearest example of professionalism over a footbridge.