Map of East Timor Dili

East Timor 2005


Yearbook 2005

Timor. Although the bitterness against the former occupation power of Indonesia is believed to live longer than East Timor and the neighboring country took a small step towards normalized conditions when Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited East Timor in April. The countries signed a border agreement, and Susilo visited a cemetery for hundreds of victims of an Indonesian civilian massacre in 1991.

According to countryaah, Dili is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Timor-Leste. A multi-year border dispute with Australia was also terminated when East Timor withdrew the requirement that the territorial water boundary in the Timor Sea should be drawn midway between the two countries. Such a demarcation would give East Timor most of the region’s oil and gas resources, which Australia refused to agree to, citing an agreement with Indonesia in the 1970s. In compensation, East Timor receives US $ 3.9 billion and 90% of the revenue from a jointly owned exploitation area in the sea.

Map of East Timor Dili

The Catholic Church reacted strongly to the government’s decision to discontinue compulsory religious education in schools and to suspend the trial of members of pro-Indonesian militia forces. Thousands of Catholics demonstrated in April against the government and demanded the departure of the Prime Minister.

A national airline, Kakoak Air, launched commercial traffic in March. The first route went to Kupang in western Timor, a 45 minute journey.