Garrett County, Maryland Weather

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Garrett County, Maryland is located in the extreme western part of the state and is bordered by Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It has a population of around 30,000 people according to the most recent census. The county seat is Oakland, but its largest city is Mountain Lake Park. Garrett County was formed in 1872 from parts of Allegany County and it was named after John Work Garrett who was president of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad at that time.

According to, the county has a rich history which dates back to pre-colonial times when it was inhabited by Native Americans such as the Shawnee and Seneca tribes. During the Revolutionary War, Garrett County played an important role in providing supplies for George Washington’s army. Today, there are several historical sites located throughout the county that visitors can explore such as Fort Frederick State Park, which was used during both the French & Indian War and the American Revolution.

Garrett County offers a variety of attractions for visitors including outdoor recreation activities like camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, boating and skiing at nearby Wisp Resort. There are also many historic sites such as Fort Frederick State Park and Herrington Manor State Park where visitors can learn more about local history. Additionally, there are several museums located throughout Garrett County including the Oakland Railroad Museum which showcases artifacts related to local railroads and their role in shaping local history.

Famous people from Garrett County include Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps who grew up in Rodgers Forge; former Major League Baseball player Mookie Wilson; writer Fannie Hurst who wrote Imitation of Life; singer-songwriter Billie Holiday; actor Brian Dennehy; comedian Steve Martin; actress Sissy Spacek; actor/comedian Robin Williams; singer/songwriter Emmylou Harris; author Stephen King; artist Georgia O’Keefe; actress Brooke Shields and NFL Hall of Famer Art Monk among others.

Garrett County is an excellent destination for those looking to explore Maryland’s beautiful outdoors or learn more about its rich history. From outdoor activities like camping or fishing to museums filled with artifacts from past generations – there is something for everyone in this beautiful corner of Maryland.

Climate and weather in Garrett County, Maryland

According to, Garrett County, Maryland is located in the Appalachian Mountains and is known for its beautiful landscape. The county is home to some of the most stunning views in the state, and its climate reflects this natural beauty. Garrett County experiences all four seasons throughout the year, with warm summers and cold winters.

In springtime, temperatures start to rise as the days get longer and more daylight hours are available. Temperatures usually reach into the mid-60s by April and can reach up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit by June. The area receives an average of 40 inches of rain each year, which helps keep the area lush and green during this season.

Summer in Garrett County brings plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures that can often reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher on a hot day. The days are long during this season with almost 15 hours of daylight each day. Rainfall is slightly lower in summer than in spring, but still remains fairly consistent with an average of 37 inches per year.

Autumn brings cooler temperatures to Garrett County as the days shorten and nightfall arrives earlier each day. Average temperatures range from 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit during this season with occasional light snowfall during November and December months. Rainfall increases slightly during autumn months due to increased moisture levels from nearby bodies of water such as Deep Creek Lake or Savage River Reservoirs.

Finally, winter arrives with colder temperatures ranging between 25-45 degrees Fahrenheit on average throughout December, January and February months. Snowfall is common during winter months due to chilly air masses moving down from Canada bringing frigid temperatures along with them. On average, Garrett County receives around 25 inches of snow per year which makes it a great destination for skiing or snowboarding at nearby Wisp Resort.

Transportation in Garrett County, Maryland

Garrett County, Maryland offers a variety of transportation options for locals and visitors alike. Located in the Appalachian Mountains, the county is accessible by car, bus, and train. Major highways such as Interstate 68 and U.S. Route 219 lead into and out of the county, making it easy to travel between cities in the region. The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) also provides bus service to Garrett County from nearby cities such as Cumberland and Hagerstown.

In addition to cars and buses, Garrett County is served by two Amtrak stations located in Oakland and Cumberland. These stations offer daily service to major cities such as Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and more. The Amtrak system provides an easy way for travelers to get around the state without having to worry about driving or parking fees.

For those looking for a more relaxed way of getting around Garrett County, there are several taxi services available throughout the area that make it easy to get from one place to another without having to worry about traffic or parking fees. Additionally, there are several bike paths located throughout the county which provide cyclists with scenic routes through wooded trails or along riverside roads.

Garrett County offers a variety of transportation options for locals and visitors alike that make exploring this beautiful region easy. Whether you’re looking for an efficient way to get around town or a more relaxed way of travelling through scenic routes on foot or bike – Garrett County has something for everyone.

Cities and towns in Garrett County, Maryland

Garrett County, Maryland is home to a variety of cities and towns that span from the mountainous terrain of the Allegheny Plateau to the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains. The county’s largest city is Oakland, which is located in the northern portion of the county and serves as its seat of government. Other cities in Garrett County include Friendsville, Accident, Grantsville, Kitzmiller, and McHenry.

Friendsville is a small town located in western Garrett County near Deep Creek Lake. This quaint community offers visitors a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, boating, and skiing at nearby Wisp Resort. Additionally, Friendsville hosts several festivals throughout the year including an Annual Apple Butter Festival and Christmas Village.

Accident is located in southern Garrett County on Maryland Route 219. This small town offers visitors a unique glimpse into American history with its many attractions such as an old grist mill and blacksmith shop. Every summer Accident also hosts a popular festival known as “Accident Days” which celebrates local heritage with food vendors, rides, craftsmen demonstrations and more.

According to countryaah, Grantsville is another small town located in western Garrett County near Deep Creek Lake. The town has several attractions for visitors to explore including historical sites like Bittinger-Baker House or Garrett State Forest where you can enjoy hiking trails or take part in wildlife safaris.

Kitzmiller is located on Maryland Route 135 near Savage River State Forest and offers visitors plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing or kayaking on nearby streams or lakes. Kitzmiller also hosts festivals throughout the year such as its annual “Kitzmiller Days” which includes live music performances and craft vendors.

McHenry lies on U.S Route 219 near Deep Creek Lake and provides visitors with plenty of recreational activities from fishing to boating to skiing at Wisp Resort. McHenry also hosts numerous festivals every year including an annual “McHenry Day” which features live music performances along with arts & crafts vendors from around the region.

Garrett County provides an array of cities and towns for locals and visitors alike to explore. Whether you’re looking for historical sites or outdoor recreation opportunities – there’s something for everyone in this beautiful region of Maryland.