Ginta Lapina, The Face Will See Almost Everywhere

Under this unique and exotic name hides one of the models of the moment. Cool-looking and sometimes even bland, this woman has managed to outshine both illustrious names inside and outside the runways in recent seasons.

His long and bright blonde Mane is one of your best cards, but their traits of Eastern Europe make the rest, with a very well defined cheekbones and a look that has Bewitched the big industry, opening and closing parades and to hold one number of campaigns for fashion as of cosmetics. Point your name, Ginta Lapina.

Following in the footsteps of the great model Edita Vilkeviciute, Ginta Lapina not only has in common with her nationality (both Lithuania), they share Agency and even very similar paths relatively bridging the gap.

Although his first steps the yield in Riga (his hometown) this beauty’s 22 years old and soon began his American adventure. With just 16 years already would see it in catalogues of youth fashion, as those of the signature Delias, her first trampoline which served to end months more late in Teen Vogue magazine publishers or even catalogs of Neirman Marcus.

But his time of teenage model would become history very quickly, months later already see it on the catwalk of the New York Fashion Week working for smaller designers but who served as a showcase, since thanks to these appearances signing Victoria ’ s Secret It set it in 2008 for their Pink, focused line the more youthful audience (photo above).

All a radical change, from that moment and as always happens in these cases, the specialized press eager new faces and animated by the agencies themselves that move the threads already would begin to speak of a new rising star, his name would begin to appear in more and more places and jobs begin to rain you as fallen from heaven.

In 2009 he began to do numbers of top, not only by the number of parades but for the name and the importance of these. Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana…even closes the parade of Louis Vuitton and would open at Nina Ricci, also coming to parade to the Parisian couture.

Many may think that this irruption of Ginta Lapina on the runways of first level could be one day flower, which moreover increasingly begins to occur with a greater frequency. But nothing further from the truth, year after year not only equal numbers but that it was going to improve them in quantity and in quality.

Deserves special mention his career outside the runway, although it wouldn’t be until the 2010 When we started to see her popularity campaigns. Sportmax (lower image) or Miu Miu are some of them although it would not be a campaign of fashion which would reach world recognition precisely.

In this 2010 becomes in global image of Yves Saint Laurent for their cosmetic line, his face and his feline eyes become almost instantly into a trademark for the French maison this campaign carried out by Terry Richardson.

In fact the result of that campaign was so positive that not only Repeat for YSL in 2011 but that also turns of the Jill Stuart beauty line and even is the new image of NARS for 2012.

Are not also forgotten their latest campaigns for H & M, Galliano and Marc by Marc Jacobs priori more flip media but perhaps its prominence is not so obvious as in the cosmetic campaigns where it seems that you have found a genuine reef, a face that we begin to see everywhere, and if not, at the time.