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Glenn County is located in the Central Valley of Northern California. It is bordered by Lake County to the west, Tehama County to the north, Butte County to the east, and Colusa County to the south. The population of Glenn County was 28,122 as of 2019 according to the United States Census Bureau.

According to, the history of Glenn County dates back to 1891 when it was created from parts of Colusa and Tehama counties. The county was named for Dr. Hugh J. Glenn who was a prominent rancher and politician in California at that time. Since then, Glenn County has grown steadily in population and today it is home to a variety of agricultural activities including poultry farming, dairy production, and wine-making.

One of the main attractions in Glenn County is Stonyford which is a small town located near Lake Pillsbury in Mendocino National Forest. Stonyford offers a wide variety of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting as well as access to numerous lakes and rivers in the area. Other attractions in Glenn County include Willows-Colusa State Recreation Area which offers swimming, boating, water skiing, and more; Black Butte Lake which has great fishing opportunities; and Sacramento River Wildlife Refuge which provides refuge for many species of birds and other wildlife.

Famous people from Glenn County include former NFL player Tom Rathman who now serves as running backs coach for the San Francisco 49ers; NFL Hall-of-Famer Jerry Rice who grew up in Willows; country singer Clint Black who also grew up in Willows; actor Danny Glover who attended high school there; Golden Globe Award winning actress Annette Bening who graduated from Corning Union High School; Academy Award winning director Steven Spielberg who attended Cal Poly Pomona University; Grammy Award winning singer John Legend who graduated from Sacramento State University; actor Michael Clarke Duncan who attended Merced College; Oscar nominated actress Taraji P Henson who graduated from USC with a degree in theater arts; actor Gene Hackman who attended Santa Rosa Junior College; comedian Bobby Slayton who also went to Santa Rosa Junior College before transferring to San Francisco State University; Olympic gold medalist swimmer Misty Hyman who was born at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento; NBA player Bill Cartwright whose family moved from Chicago to Orland when he was young; NBA player Kevin Johnson whose family moved from Sacramento when he was young;and NFL Hall-of-Famer Ronnie Lott whose family moved from Albuquerque when he was young.

Climate and weather in Glenn County, California

According to, the climate in Glenn County, California is generally mild and temperate. The summers are usually hot and dry, while the winters are cool and wet. The average temperature in summer is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (23.9 Celsius), while the average winter temperature is around 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.2 Celsius). The hottest month of the year is usually July, with temperatures reaching up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 Celsius). The coldest month of the year is usually December, with temperatures dropping down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1.7 Celsius).

Rainfall in Glenn County tends to be concentrated during the winter months, typically from October through April. During this time, rainfall averages between 10-20 inches per year (25-50 cm). During the summer months, rainfall averages between 0-5 inches per year (0-12 cm). Snowfall also occurs periodically during winter months but rarely accumulates more than a few inches at most.

The weather in Glenn County is typically sunny throughout much of the year with an average of 300 days of sunshine annually. Summer days are often hot and dry with temperatures reaching upwards of 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) on some days. However, cool ocean breezes often blow through the area bringing relief from the heat during these times. Winters tend to be cool and wet as mentioned earlier but also have occasional sunny days as well.

Glenn County enjoys a mild climate that makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing and hunting throughout much of the year.

Transportation in Glenn County, California

Glenn County, California offers a variety of transportation options for both residents and visitors. For those who prefer to drive, the county is crossed by several major highways including Interstate 5, Highway 99, and Highway 20. These highways provide quick access to nearby cities such as Sacramento and Chico and other major metropolitan areas throughout the state.

Public transportation in Glenn County is provided by Glenn Transit which operates bus routes throughout the county. The transit system serves various cities including Willows, Orland, Hamilton City, Artois, and Stonyford as well as unincorporated areas of the county. Buses run at regular intervals throughout the day with limited service on weekends and holidays.

The nearest airport to Glenn County is located in Chico which is approximately 25 miles away. This airport provides commercial flights to various locations within California as well as some destinations in neighboring states. Additionally, Amtrak offers rail service from Chico to Sacramento and other destinations further north such as Redding and Eugene in Oregon.

For those who prefer more active forms of transportation such as cycling or walking, there are several trails and paths available throughout the county that can be used for commuting or recreational purposes. These include the Sacramento River Trail which runs along the banks of the river from Hamilton City to Orland; the Bear Creek Trail which follows Bear Creek from Willows to Orland; and the Butte Creek Trail which runs from Butte City through Stonyford before ending at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge.

In conclusion, Glenn County offers a variety of transportation options for both residents and visitors alike that make it easy to get around within the county or travel further afield.

Cities and towns in Glenn County, California

Glenn County, California is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer different amenities and attractions to visitors. The largest city in the county is Willows which is located in the northern part of the county near Interstate 5. This city has a population of around 6,000 and features various restaurants, shops, and hotels as well as its own municipal airport.

The second largest city in the county is Orland which lies along Highway 99 about halfway between Willows and Chico. This city has a population of around 3,500 and includes several parks and recreational areas such as Orland Park, Orland River Park, and Orland City Lake. Additionally, this city hosts numerous events throughout the year including the Annual Corn Festival which takes place in July each year.

Another noteworthy town in Glenn County is Hamilton City which lies along the banks of the Sacramento River near Interstate 5. This small town has a population of around 1,200 people and offers various outdoor activities such as fishing on Hamilton City Lake or walking along one of several trails that wind their way through town.

According to countryaah, Artois is another small town located just south of Willows along Highway 99 with a population of around 1,000 people. This town features an old-fashioned downtown area with several restaurants that feature live entertainment on weekends as well as several antique stores for those looking for unique items to take home with them.

The final major settlement in Glenn County is Stonyford which lies at the southern tip of the county near Highway 20. This small community has a population of less than 500 people but still offers plenty for visitors to experience such as horseback riding at Stonyford Riding & Rodeo Grounds or camping at nearby Stony Ford Campground & RV Park.

In conclusion, Glenn County offers visitors plenty to see and do across its many cities and towns from outdoor recreation to shopping to live music.