Greenland 2005

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Yearbook 2005

Greenland 2005

Greenland. During the year there were several reports that Greenlandic children are doing very poorly. In Umanaq’s municipality, for example, nearly half of the preschool children were known by the community as victims of inadequate care and almost every fifth school pupil was in need of special education. It was also reported that the police at Greenland received 118 reports of sexual abuse against children in 2003. This was 16 times more per inhabitant than in Denmark.

Land area 2,166,086 km²
Total population 57,616
Population density (per km²)
Capital Nuuk (Godthab)
Official language Greenlandic, Danish,
Income per capita $ 41,800
Currency Danish crown
ISO 3166 code GL
Internet TLD .gl
License plate
Telephone code +299
Time zone UTC -4
Geographic coordinates 72 00 N, 40 00 W.

The World Wildlife Fund warned in April that the polar bear strain on Greenland is in danger unless catch quotas are introduced. The self-government government then called for limited catches and planned to introduce quotas from the beginning of 2006. According to the World Nature Fund, more than 200 polar bears are caught on Greenland each year.

  • Also see for how the acronym GL stands for the country of Greenland and other meanings of this two-letter abbreviation.

During the year there was a diplomatic battle between Denmark and Canada over the uninhabited island of Hans Island between Greenland and Canada. The self-government government’s deputy chairman considered that a visit by the Canadian Secretary of Defense and some soldiers on the island was to be considered an occupation.

In September, the media revealed that the self-government has kept a secret report on organized fraud in the fish industry for perhaps SEK 150 million. Among other things, it should have been cheated with shrimp quotas, where large quantities of shrimp were fished and sold black. The trawlers’ organization rejected the allegations of fraud. At the time of the disclosure, the self-governing government had no responsibility for catching and fishing, as two members were forced to resign after misuse of representation accounts.

The problems arose for the government when the coalition could not agree on the budget, and President Hans Enoksen of the Social Democratic Siumut decided to announce new elections until November.

Despite the political scandals, Siumut managed to retain its 10 seats in the elections, while the coalition partner, the left-wing Inuit Ataqatigiit (IA), lost a seat and stayed at 7. The bourgeois opposition party Democrats had the greatest success, rising from five to seven seats. Civil Atassut received 6 seats. The county council has a total of 31 seats, and 13 of these were taken after the election of women. As a result of the election, a broad self-government government was formed with Siumut, IA and Atassut. Hans Enoksen continued as head of government.