Map of Guyana Georgetown

Guyana 2005

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Yearbook 2005

Guyana. According to countryaah, Georgetown is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Guyana. Former Minister of the Interior Ronald Gajraj resigned his post of minister on April 11, after temporarily leaving it because of allegations of involvement in the murder of George Bacchus in June 2004. However, he resigned just a month later. While a government commission investigating the case found that the evidence against Gajraj was flawed, the US government and the Inter-American Development Bank IDB threatened with suspended assistance if he continued his tenure.

Map of Guyana Georgetown

Guyana suffered severe flooding in January as a result of the worst tropical rainfall of 117 years. Five people were killed and nearly 400,000, or as many as 40% of the country’s total population, were affected.