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Holiday at the North Sea


North Frisian Islands

The North Frisian Islands are located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein and are particularly characterized by the tides, low tide and high tide.

This is especially true for the Halligen – these are islands that can be completely submerged by water at high tide .

The most beautiful holiday islands of the North Frisian Islands include Sylt, Amrum, Föhr and Nordstrand.


The island with an extraordinary shape

Sylt is the northernmost island in Germany, some of which is even level with Denmark.

For many it is known as the island of the beautiful and rich – and admittedly Sylt is expensive.

But there are great lighthouses, endless beaches and very cute places.

The island is only connected to the mainland via the Hindenburgdamm, which is only used by car trains or trains.


White sand and lots of peace

Amrum is located south of Sylt and is particularly known for the Kniepsand beach , which even made it into our top 22 of the most beautiful beaches in Europe .

But Amrum also has a lot to offer in other respects. The great dune landscapes and the red and white lighthouse are beautiful to look at – you really don’t want to leave the island anymore.


Between Amrum and the mainland

Föhr is the largest and most populated island in Germany that is not connected to the mainland.

You can do great activities on the holiday island – such as all kinds of water sports, bike tours or a walk across the Wadden Sea.

East Frisian Islands

The East Frisian Islands belong to the state of Lower Saxony. They include the islands of Borkum, Juist, Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog, Spiekeroog and Wangerooge.

All are beautiful, all have something of their own and you can have a great holiday on all seven .

We present our favorite East Frisian Islands to you in more detail here.


The youngest of them all

Norderney is the second largest East Frisian island and the most populated.

Everything is a bit more urban on Norderney and great events and festivals take place here, especially in summer .

Nevertheless, Norderney also offers long sandy beaches , great views of the dunes and a real holiday feeling.


The longest East Frisian island

Juist is located between the largest East Frisian islands of Borkum and Norderney and basically consists almost entirely of sand and is therefore pure relaxation.

The island is considered car-free and is therefore totally quiet and perfect for families .

You can get from A to B on foot or by bike – Juist is not huge.


“Long Island”, which isn’t that long at all

Langeoog is also car-free and can only be explored by bike, on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage.

The island’s landmark is the water tower, which is a cute 15 meters high.

You have a better view from the many vantage points on Langeoog. These offer incredibly beautiful views of the North Sea.

The most beautiful places on the North Sea

There are no really big cities for vacationing on the North Sea. But we will now introduce you to a few cute coastal towns .


Where the Elbe flows into the North Sea

Cuxhaven is located in Lower Saxony just before the border with Schleswig-Holstein and is a great alternative if you don’t want to spend your vacation on a North Sea island.

The town’s landmark is the Kugelbake . It is located at the eastern tip of Cuxhaven’s beautiful long beach.


North Sea resort on the Jade Bay

Wilhelmshaven is also a beautiful coastal town on the North Sea: The promenade on the southern beach invites you to stroll and the beach chairs to relax.

The highlight in Wilhelmshaven is the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge. It is the largest swing bridge in Germany. It’s really cool when it opens up to the ships passing through .

The most beautiful beaches on the North Sea

Sylt elbow

Northernmost point of Germany

The Elbow forms the northern tip of the island and is so named because its shape resembles an elbow.

Here you will find a beautiful sandy beach where you can go for a wonderful walk.

By the way, the entire elbow is privately owned – so you have to pay a small toll if you come by car.

Kniepsand on Amrum

The pride of the island

We have already mentioned the Kniepsand of Amrum above and it should not be missing from the most beautiful beaches on the North Sea.

Why? Because it is incredibly wide and is not flooded even at high tide . Incidentally, this is because the Kniepsand is above sea level – which is what makes it so special.

It is especially great for children because there is so much space and it slopes gently into the sea .

St. Peter Ording beach

12 kilometers of sandy beach

According to citypopulationreview, the beach at St. Peter-Ording really is a dream. Five beaches stretch over a length of 12 kilometers at the vacation spot in Schleswig-Holstein.

With so much space, you can relax comfortably on the white sand , be active in stand-up paddling or kite surfing, or walk across the Wadden Sea at low tide.

The most beautiful sights on the North Sea

Long Anna

In front of the steep coast on Helgoland

You can find this impressive surf pier on Helgoland. In German he is called Lange Anna and in Heligoland Frisian Nathurn Stak .

With a height of 47 meters, it is a fantastically beautiful photo motif and actually a reason for a holiday on Helgoland.

By the way, there is also the Short Anna – that is the slightly smaller cliff directly next to it.

Red cliff on Sylt

On the beach between Wenningstedt and Kampen

You will find this beautiful cliff on a length of about 4 kilometers on the west coast of the island of Sylt.

It is about 30 meters high and shines in a beautiful red tone, especially at sunset , which you will not find anywhere else on the North Sea coast – not even in Denmark or the Netherlands .

The beach section is ideal for long walks and enjoying the good North Sea air.

Lighthouse Pilsum

Marry in the lighthouse

The North Sea is teeming with beautiful lighthouses . That’s why it wasn’t so easy for us to decide on one that we present to you here.

In the end it was Pilsum ‘s – because we were particularly impressed by its warm, cheerful colours.

It is also a wedding room at the same time – so if you want to get married soon: Off to Pilsum!

Lighthouse Pilsum