It Has Become The Generation That Destronara to The Top Models of The 90s. Bye, Bye Schiffer, Naomi and Crawford

The was 90 It is the models as entry into the new century technology, a milestone, a revolution, unheard hardly repeatable. However, in recent years a new cast of models It is accumulating votes of industry heavyweights, hogging campaigns of large firms and covers journals with international circulation making it in the current generation of top models. Goodbye Schiffer!, goodbye Naomi!

Emily DiDonato

Of classic beauty, long hair and deep blue eyes, Emily DiDonato It presents itself as one of the main contenders for new supermodel. However, DiDonato is not a fan, the model has been walking through campaigns and magazine covers.

Amanda Murphy

Michael Kors spring/summer 2015

He started in the world of fashion in 2009 and since their discovery in an open call of Elite Chicago, Amanda Murphy It has not stopped. Michael Kors, Prada, Christian Dior, Lanvin and other great names in the industry have had it in their parades, although one of his biggest hits was to form part of the Prada autumn/winter 2013 campaign / 2014.

Andreea Diaconu

After Diana Moldovan, Andreea Diaconu It is the second Romanian model in being part of one of the Victoria’s Secret catalogs. In addition, this unique beauty of 1.79 m in height, has been image of numerous firms and now features his covers for dozens, among the several editions of Vogue, Elle and WSJ Magazine.

Gigi Hadid

It was discovered just two years of age, and after falling in love to Paul Marciano, Gigi Hadid He starred in what would be his first campaign for the line kids from Guess, the firm that has launched him to stardom. Now, years later, Gigi dominates the runways (and social media).

Kristin Kragh Liljegren

Rodarte spring/summer 2015

Landed and nothing with a contract with Scoop Models Copenhague, Kristin Kragh Liljegren It attracted the attention of the media to take part in the parade and become the image of the campaign Balenciaga Spring/summer 2012. In addition, Rodarte, Oscar de la Renta and Louis Vuitton packing his career.

Kendall Jenner

With a start full of controversies and a few family ties that have opened many doors for him, Kendall Jenner is one of the models with more pull of the moment. Large firms have made hollow among its protected, and who knows if that’s be “sister’s” or not, but the last few seasons Kendall Jenner is everywhere.

Sasha Luss

Ascend step by step not going with Sasha Luss. This Russian model is one of the most photographed faces of the current scene and there is no campaign of fashion (or cosmetic) escaping him. If Dior Addict has relied on her several times, why would it not be worthy Sasha successor to the tops of the 90s?

Malaika Firth

Emilio Pucci Pirmavera-summer 2015

They say that it has much in common with face Delevingne, although its referent is Naomi Campbell. Malaika Firth, This Kenyan but adoption UK is a non stop model since its inception, although his fame came after forming part of the Prada autumn/winter 2013 campaign / 2014 next to Amanda Murphy, among other models.

White Padilla

Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2015

White Padilla It is without a doubt, the Spanish model of the moment. It was discovered in 2013 and a year later already paraded for Valentino Haute Couture and Oscar de la Renta, among others. Now with only 20 years, and after having achieved paraded for Victoria’s Secret, their future arises very bright.

Edie Campbell

It is family and his foray into fashion has been gradual, Edie Campbell, who was image of Burberry Prorsum in 2006, He is making to make a dent in parades and various campaigns. However, his meticulous work has already conquered big as Saint Laurent, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Mexican Walton

Chanel spring-summer 2015

Leona Walton, better known as Mexican Walton, It is one of the new faces that more strongly has taken off in the last year. With a campaign for Chanel in the Pocket, and two others of Celine and Tom Ford, Mexican has become in one of the models more media today. Its marked traits and strong personality have given it a plus that the designers have not ceased to escape.

INE Neefs

There is no campaign or parade by that have not left their mark INE Neefs. This Belgian model has achieved in just a couple of years, not a yes no two campaigns in Prada and Valentino, In addition to others in McQ, Vera Wang, Anna Sui and a long etcetera. There is nothing. In addition, their potential has led him to be one of the protected from Nicolas Ghesquière.

Julia Nobis

Anna Sui spring/summer 2015

With Australian roots and a Nordic purity, Julia Nobis, discovered in 2009, had a start of height. After some another parade in his native Sydney, paraded as exclusive for Calvin Klein in 2010, and from there it has not stopped. Dior, Loewe, and Saint Laurent have relied on it for their latest campaigns and parades are already their second home. ¿New top?, I have no doubt.

Cindy Bruna

According to the website, Cindy Bruna is one of the 50 models of the moment. But it is not surprising, given that this French beauty became the first color model in March as exclusive for Calvin Klein in 2012, and features parades by hundreds.

Ondria Hardin

Stepping on the catwalks at just 15 years old something is with which many models dream and only a few get, especially if the parade is Marc Jacobs. Ondria Hardin belongs to that small but growing sector of girls turned into models, but this doesn’t seem to be an impediment to industry that already claims it in campaigns such as Yves Saint Laurent and catalogs such as Mango.