Kate Moss, The Obsession of Brands

“Kate Moss is the Marilyn Monroe of today“. Could not summarize the life and influence of the model British in other more accurate than the coined phrase by John Galliano in 2002, the wire recognize the inspiration that had brought her friend to her collection of Haute Couture to Dior that season. Kate Moss would be the antithesis of Marilyn Monroe in terms of beauty, but in terms of media power, in terms of power of influence we talk about peer to peer or someone higher. Only in 2011 Kate Moss joined 9.2 million dollars according to Forbes, and its two companies managed to 12.3 million pounds in revenue in 2011.

Calvin Klein, the campaign that catapulted it

The catwalks exalt a certain type of models to a kind of public determined far from being the massive, still less in the 90s without much fervor for fashion as today seems to sell, but the brands campaigns they are which eventually convert to that supermodel in someone popular and known worldwide.

Kate Moss debuted on the runway with 15 years and as the face of a brand with 19 years. Yves Saint Laurent He had already seen it the same as Versace also would share in a group campaign with a cast that rarely have we seen equal: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, Carolyn Murphy, Stephanie Seymour, Shalom Harlow and Aya Thorgren. Almost all the supermodels most influential moment United under the Italian firm. Richard Avedon was the photographer.

not only 1993 was the year in which Kate Moss manages to go settling on the catwalk, but which also achieves its greatest media impact that opens so many doors, without leaving aside the controversy that would pursue him throughout his life as a supermodel and world public figure. It is the year in which Calvin Klein Underwear campaign, the same year that Bill Clinton made one of his known outputs of the pot and is positioned against that image sold under the label (absurd) of & #8220;chic heroin“, which Kate Moss will be unable to avoid for years. The own brand representing did not favor to avoid such label since 1996 Calvin Klein launched a campaign with her so-called & #8220;Heroin Kids“.

The American brand is crucial in the creation of image of Kate Moss, with a very thin model, in black and white, reduced curves, low chest, a look daring and destructive, an innocent girl, a girl bad without being such, aesthetic line that would continue for years; with Kate Moss at least until 1996, and then also continue with the rest of models.

Mario Sorrenti It is who is responsible for continuing the controversial session in Calvin Klein for The Face by Corinne Day. For the first time Kate Moss appears at massive level campaigning in topless, something that would become common over the years. The fact that it was chosen for the fragrance ‘ Osession for Men ’ Calvin Klein also places him squarely against the male desire, a public that won from the beginning thanks to its particular beauty.

His first appearance in the exclusive calendar Pirelli, photographed by Herb Ritts, It continues to expand the taste by nude of Kate Moss. Even so, she has always said that he is not sexy.

Kate Moss became the first 90 years in one of the iconic images of Calvin Klein. Far from being the model of thousand marks, the British was symbol of only one mostly – with its sub-brands of jeans, perfumes, etc. – something that would last until 1999, and in 2006 would retrieve a new Calvin Klein Jeans campaign. That agreement earned him 500,000 pounds.

Kate Moss TopShop Designer is

All labour relations that Kate Moss has had with the brands the of TopShop It was one of the more fruitful. That they offer new challenges to the British that after having tried to parade, to be the image of multiple signatures and received various awards in the world of fashion, as accorded by the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2005 for their influence on the fashion industry or the model of the year at the British Fashion Awards in 2006 , was faced with the challenge of design a new collection for the general public.

The relationship with TopShop goes back to 2007, the signing was announced in October 2006, and completed in 2010. At that time British model launched 14 collections next TopShop at a time of low cost blast with it converted into the so-called trendsetter of the moment.

The sale of the first collection for TopShop on May 1, 2007 was complete madness with queue for hours to buy it. A year later a new contract between Kate Moss and TopShop became known for 50 million dollars so the British brand could use the image of the model in China. And at the end of December 2008 Kate Moss renewed another three years with TopShop which in the end were not met.

The collections remained faithful to the style of Kate Moss, with a taste for folk style, Arabic style, night, fringes, leather, silkscreened t-shirts, transparencies… A very street fashion looking for trends.

The model of thousand marks

Kate Moss went from being a synonymous with model of a brand like Calvin Klein during the 90’s to live the opposite in the next decade where become the claim of so many signatures that it is impossible to associate it with a particular.

I already talked about this chameleon-like situation of makes and models in its day and again Calvin Klein was who is saved from this lack of discretion with the great Lara Stone as claim.

If I had to think one or two brands that represent Kate Moss in the 2000s would be Longchamp and Just Cavalli; In addition to TopShop, clear. But they were not the only ones, the list is long: Dior, YSL, Prada, Burberry, Chanel, Balmain, Bulgari, Donna Karan, Isabel Marant, liu – jo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Rag & Bone, Stella McCartney, Versace…

Brands for her obsession is more than a good criteria to be associated with a model with which arise among the general public and build its image. Meanwhile, the current account continues to grow at Kate Moss.

Low cost wants the best. The love affair with handle

On April 11, 2011 we had official confirmation from handle of the signing of Kate Moss as the new image of the brand. A year later that ended his love affair with TopShop other brand low cost sought to repeat the success of partnering with one of the models better valued with the intention to enhance the brand and facilitate their international expansion.

Mango came from terminate contract with Scarlett Johansson and previous experiences with celebrities such as Penélope Cruz but the marriage with Kate Moss is a jump of remarkable level, on one adventure that is missing one of the inseparable companions of the British, Terry Richardson, already known handle at that time.

The result of this union are cleaner, neutral backgrounds and study campaigns, commitment to the format commercial television and especially by joining the same idea of TopShop: new trends for women seeking to go to the last at an affordable price.


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