Map of Kiribati Tarawa Atoll

Kiribati 2005


Yearbook 2005

Kiribati. In May, the country received a brief visit from Taiwan’s President Chen Shuibian, who made a tour of the region. The opposition in Kiribati is still against the government’s 2003 decision to recognize Taiwan and sever diplomatic relations with China. Opposition leader Harry Tong, brother of President Anote Tong, planned a demonstration outside the airport when Chen arrived, but was not given permission by police. A demonstration in support of Taiwan’s president was also denied police permission.

According to countryaah, Tarawa Atoll is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Kiribati. The recognition of Taiwan has meant that aid from there has begun to flow into Kiribati. In August, the two islands signed an agreement on medical Taiwanese assistance. This meant support for the training of health care workers and improved health care in Kiribati.

Map of Kiribati Tarawa Atoll

In July, Australia gave Kiribati the equivalent of US $ 1.5 million to the country’s program to reduce vulnerability to rising sea levels. The so-called adaptation program (The Kiribati Adaptation Program) is a collaboration between Kiribati Government, the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program UNDP. Australian support would go to study the lack of drinking water around the capital Tarawa.

For eight weeks, two Kiribati fishermen floated around in their small boat in the Pacific before finally being rescued by a Taiwanese ship. The men, who lost their orientation after a storm, were found outside Papua New Guinea. They had survived by eating raw fish and drinking rainwater.