Known Perfume Bottles Designed by Karim Rashid

Do you know the work of? Karim Rashid?. It is one of the designers most comprehensive, prestigious and prolific on the current international scene. It was designed with great success from furniture, gadgets high tech to packagings for elite champagne brand. And perfume bottles you know very well.

As you’ve already guessed by the photo above, has worked for Issey Miyake Parfums and those jars that you know so well have emerged from their imagination trying to capture the idea of the client in a jar and a case.

It can be that some do not you have ever seen them. Which comes in a yellow case is a summer edition Issey Miyake woman; Blue (first left) was a special mother’s day.

You must have weakness by Japanese designers (or them for him) because he has worked also for Kenzo: stylized Kenzo Amour bottle or the unmistakable leaf of Summer Kenzo are yours. Sure that you have ever had any of these famous fragrances. The lower in the photo are the Kenzo Ryoko Collection 2009.

Closing the circle of Japanese brands that have relied on their work, Shiseido you had as a client for Metasense. Tommy Hilfiger Freedom It is a stylish bottle with pure lines that emulate the curves of a woman, work also Rashid.

Each of the perfumes you have in your toilet is a small work of art. It is the result of the work of perfumers, designers and publicists that sometimes something unnoticed in favor of the brand that sells it, and that is worth knowing.