Map of Liechtenstein Vaduz

Liechtenstein 2005


Yearbook 2005

Liechtenstein. According to countryaah, Vaduz is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Liechtenstein. The ruling Civil Progress Party, the FBP, lost a mandate and lost its majority in the Land Day when elections were held in March. Even the largest opposition party of the Fosterlands Union, VU, lost a mandate while the environmental party Free List went from one to three mandates. The result was that the coalition between the two Conservative parties FBP and VU resurfaced; they ruled together in 1938–97. Prime Minister Otmar Hasler retained his post when the new government was formed in April.

Map of Liechtenstein Vaduz

After four years of investigation, a commission ruled that Liechtenstein did not steal from Jews or trade stolen goods during World War II. The investigation of six international historians was the result of accusations from the WJC Jewish World Congress. However, the investigators found that Jewish slave laborers had worked on Austrian goods belonging to Liechtenstein’s prince’s family.