Long Live Biodiversity! Can Be Bald and without Teeth and Succeed as a Model

The last seasons we are living a real boom of diversity on the runway; they succeed the transgender models, models with vitiligo Winnie Harlow, and in the last New York fashion week, We have seen women with disabilities paraded on catwalk with poise, courage and class, and hence have Madeline Stuart, with Rebekah Marine, or Down syndrome with a bionic arm. Now we have another example of unique model. Is Melanie Gaydos, suffers a strange genetic mutation that makes him not having hair, eyebrows, or eyelashes or teeth.

Was born with a genetic mutation called Ectodermal Dysplasia that gives this unreal, almost alien, but precisely its unique appearance makes you give a very interesting image in the photo shoots and catwalk. Last week he participated in several parades in New York and Instagram account has more than 30,000 followers.

Of course, his life has not been easy. Its strange appearance made him have a hard childhood, without friends. They called Tweety because he had no hair. The unique physical appearance that has made that children feared it and did not want to play with it, but it has also helped him to succeed now in the world of fashion. His story is surprising, as I said in this interview.

An example so I can only say: long live biodiversity! We are all unique!