Miranda Kerr Falls in Person, a Few Minutes with The New Image for Mango

Not every day you have the opportunity to have close to a top model as Miranda Kerr a short distance away. An opportunity so had to take advantage of it. The excitement was evident in one of the rooms of the Hotel Villa Magna of Madrid. The latest signing of Mango Despite the delay (already common, unfortunately, in this type of event) is one of those professionals who know how to win over anyone a little while start to talk. A model that dazzles and during the extensive press conference showed what are their weapons.

Input, at the photocall, the desire to achieve the best image of the Australian model convened two or three rows of photographers and cameras alternating positions, fighting for a place in which achieve a good level, even from the high chair from through. Photographers also liked (and long) Miranda Kerr. Compliments and comments among flashes and quick shots are worthy of framing. I arrived late, there was no sites and my ability to shoot with my pulse dance party far from the large photographs that they would take.

The are five or ten minutes? that could last for the photocall when Miranda Kerr has demonstrated his skills as model. Amazing ability to change positions in a second, exit always perfect, wish the camera and meet the needs of all photographers, since that it was moving from one side to another (not for quiet at any moment, said a photographer).

It is clear that Ms. Kerr is not a novice in this. He is only 29 years old but it takes from age 13 knowing how is the business. The registration of postures and gestures to the camera was repeated during the press conference. The same context in which a not-so-skilled person could have been shown boring, since say, that is to say, said little (was not the time to philosophize about any topic), Miranda Kerr took him to his land with multitude of gestures that appeal to everyone.

She is more than aware of his physical and uses it to perfection. And that was sitting all the time but needs more. Non-verbal communication of Miranda Kerr is to be analyzed in detail. Flora Davis, recognized expert in the said field, it would be in their sauce in a face to face with the Australian. Mixing kindness with flirting, constants and subtle hair movements performed with an art, nothing suddenly uncomfortable or nervous, enjoying the moment. As well as smiles, looks, smooth talking, to engage in public.

Altogether, small hidden details that explain how Miranda Kerr has managed to reach a position as recognized worldwide, being one of the models most desired brands and by persons of both sexes, since the subtlety, beauty and style it attracts to own and strangers. Unfolding in person let me explain very well what is your attraction.

In the press look Kerr Conference spoke of his friendship with Penélope Cruz and his way of dressing, it knows best what you like to Mango. As you might expect, the Australian is honored to work with the Spanish company and take over from large models such as Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer, who recognizes that put the bar very high.

Among the recommendations that left us spoke of their three types of basic garments such as the jeans, a blazer and hats, in particular the model of Fedora. Men’s fashion of her husband is also part of his style, since it often mixing items from it from time to time with their own, recognizes that it is fun.

I was pretty up with white shoes.

It also supports have changed their style to being a mother. Increasingly opt for a more practical style for the day to day with workshops in which shares with his son at work. He also said how he managed to retrieve a spectacular line after your pregnancy based on a balance mind, body and soul with yourself. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to love herself, according to the Australian, don’t think you have to deprive yourself of anything. She speaks of that divide food into health 80% and 20% of indulgences. Plenty of exercise, constant work and enjoy with your family.

In General, little new in the speech of Miranda Kerr but a real surprise to see it in person and discover that non-verbal art and the way in which it operates. Mango has a great signing of face to the next two years.

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