Map of Montenegro Podgorica

Montenegro 2005


According to countryaah,  Podgorica is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Montenegro.

Montenegro 2005

  • Also see for how the acronym MW stands for the country of Montenegro and other meanings of this two-letter abbreviation.

Map of Montenegro Podgorica


In the 1990s, there was a major problem with cigarette smuggling in Montenegro. Smuggling is still a problem today, and not just with cigarettes. Guns, stolen vehicles, drugs, and even people are also sold illegally. These businesses are carried out by the mafia.

There are different clans within the Montenegrin Mafia, who repeatedly get in each other’s way in their business. That can lead to getting drugs. Such clashes are still carried out on the streets and there are isolated cases of murder. In politics, too, the mafia has great influence and, in some cases, control over the police.

Problems with human rights

Montenegro is an official EU candidate for accession. However, the country is only allowed to enter when the human rights situation in the country has improved, as this is currently not optimal. For example, the Roma ethnic minority is socially excluded and discriminated against.


Montenegro is a member of the football associations FIFA and UEFA. But not only Montenegrin professional footballers play the game, children also like to play football together on the street. As in many countries, football is a popular game here because all you need is a teammate and a ball.

The coast of Montenegro offers optimal conditions for water sports such as diving or sailing. These sports are particularly popular with tourists. Hikers and cyclists in particular find pleasure in the beautiful nature of Montenegro.

Life in the mountains

Hardly any people live in the highlands of Montenegro, because everyday life up there is pretty tough. However, some small mountain villages are still located in the high mountains and the people there are used to the difficult life. Often the mountain dwellers feed primarily on cheese and meat, i.e. what their goat and sheep herds give. Because it doesn’t grow too much at an altitude of over 2000 meters.

Sometimes the mountain people therefore fetch supplies from the valleys that they have to drag up the whole mountain. However, this is only possible in the warm seasons, because in winter the high mountain villages are cut off from the outside world. Snow and ice block the way into the valley. Then the residents are left to their own devices and live from what they have previously stored in the way of supplies.