Norfolk County, Massachusetts Weather

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Norfolk County, Massachusetts is located in the southeastern portion of the state, and is considered part of the Greater Boston area. It is bordered to the north by Middlesex County, to the east by Suffolk County, and to the west by Bristol County. The county has a population of approximately 690,000 people, making it one of the most populous counties in Massachusetts.

According to, the history of Norfolk County dates back to 1643 when it was initially established as part of Suffolk County. In 1793, Norfolk was separated from Suffolk and became an independent county. Since then it has grown steadily in population and economy as more people have moved into the area for its strong job market and excellent schools.

Norfolk County is home to many attractions including historical sites such as Quincy Market in downtown Boston, Plymouth Rock on Cape Cod Bay, and Adams National Historic Park in Quincy. There are also several museums including The Children’s Museum in Boston and The Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum in Fenway Park. Additionally, there are several beaches along the coastline offering great opportunities for swimming, fishing, or simply relaxing on a summer day. For those looking for more active adventures there are plenty of hiking trails throughout Norfolk County as well as plenty of golf courses for an afternoon round with friends or family.

Famous people from Norfolk include President John F Kennedy who was born in Brookline; actor Matt Damon who grew up in Cambridge; actor Mark Wahlberg who was born in Dorchester; singer-songwriter James Taylor who grew up in North Attleboro; novelist Dennis Lehane who grew up near Dorchester; former Red Sox player Manny Ramirez who hails from Washington Heights; legendary Celtics player Larry Bird from French Lick Indiana; and American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino from High Point North Carolina.

Climate and weather in Norfolk County, Massachusetts

According to, the climate of Norfolk County, Massachusetts is considered humid continental. Summers are warm and humid with temperatures reaching highs of 80°F (27°C), while winters are cold and snowy with temperatures dropping to lows of 8°F (-13°C). The county sees an average of 48 inches (122 cm) of precipitation annually, mostly in the form of rain. Snowfall can be heavy during the winter months, especially in January and February when storms occur frequently.

In springtime, temperatures rise steadily and there is a greater risk for thunderstorms due to the warmer air masses colliding with colder ones. Summer brings hot and humid conditions with frequent afternoon thunderstorms, often accompanied by high winds and heavy downpours. Fall is generally mild with temperatures cooling down gradually as the season progresses.

Winter in Norfolk County brings snowfall to the area, with most accumulation occurring from December through March. Snowfall ranges from light dustings to major blizzards that can blanket the area for days at a time. Springtime brings an increase in temperature as well as more frequent bouts of rain showers that welcome back warmer weather.

Transportation in Norfolk County, Massachusetts

Norfolk County, Massachusetts is well-connected with an extensive transportation network that allows easy access to the rest of the state and beyond. The county is served by several major highways, including Interstate 93, Route 1, Route 24, and Route 3. Public transportation options include buses operated by the MBTA and commuter rail service to Boston.

The MBTA operates several bus routes in Norfolk County that connect cities such as Quincy, Weymouth, Braintree, Randolph, and Holbrook. These buses provide convenient access to local destinations as well as connections to other parts of Massachusetts. Additionally, the commuter rail service provides direct access to downtown Boston from stations located in Braintree and Quincy Adams.

The county is also served by Logan International Airport which offers flights to domestic and international destinations. For those seeking a more scenic route there are plenty of ferry services available that offer trips from Hingham Harbor to Boston Harbor or even Provincetown on Cape Cod.

For those who prefer getting around on two wheels, there are several bike paths located throughout Norfolk County that provide safe routes for cyclists of all skill levels. In addition, the county boasts numerous taxi services as well as ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft that can be used for quick trips around town or longer rides out of town.

Cities and towns in Norfolk County, Massachusetts

Norfolk County, Massachusetts is home to a variety of cities and towns that offer something for everyone. The largest city in the county is Quincy, which is located on the south shore of Massachusetts Bay and offers easy access to downtown Boston. The city is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, as well as its numerous parks and beaches. Additionally, Quincy is home to several historical sites including the Adams National Historical Park which pays homage to the two presidents from the famous Adams family.

Weymouth is another popular destination in Norfolk County that boasts a rich maritime history. The town has several picturesque harborside parks such as Wessagussett Beach where visitors can take in views of Boston Harbor. Weymouth also has a vibrant downtown area with plenty of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.

According to countryaah, Braintree is another city located in Norfolk County that offers plenty of activities for visitors. The town boasts several nature trails such as Blue Hills Reservation where visitors can go hiking or biking on scenic trails. There are also numerous golf courses located throughout Braintree including Granite Links which offers breathtaking views of the nearby Blue Hills Mountains.

Other towns in Norfolk County include Randolph, Avon, Stoughton, Holbrook, Hingham, Norwood, Walpole, Sharon and Milton. Each one has its own unique attractions that make it worth visiting such as historic sites like Faxon Park in Randolph or outdoor activities like bird-watching at Hingham’s Bare Cove Park Reserve. Whether you’re looking for a historical experience or just some time outside enjoying nature there’s something for everyone in Norfolk County.