Map of Palau Melekeok

Palau 2005


Yearbook 2005

Palau. In September, President Tommy Remengesau asked the House of Representatives to create a commission to review the Compact of Free Association agreement with the United States. Under the agreement, the United States manages Palau’s defense and provides the country with extensive assistance. According to countryaah, Melekeok is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Palau. The United States, in turn, has the right to establish military bases in Palau. The current agreement is valid until 2009, but Remengesau emphasized that it needs to be reviewed before then.

Map of Palau Melekeok

Earlier in 2005, a Constituent Assembly with 25 members was elected to decide on proposed constitutional amendments. One of the proposals, from individual members of Congress, was to replace Palau’s US-inspired political system with a parliamentary system similar to the British one. In addition, it was proposed that the legislative power should be a single-chamber parliament instead of the current one with two chambers. After reviewing the proposals, the Constituent Assembly would propose possible amendments to the Constitution. All proposals must then be approved by a majority of voters in connection with the 2008 presidential election.