Map of Republic of the Congo Brazzaville

Republic of the Congo 2005


Yearbook 2005

Congo. According to countryaah, Brazzaville is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Republic of the Congo. The civil war in the late 1990s still leaves deep traces. In October, fierce fighting broke out in a district in Brazzaville in connection with the exile of ex-Prime Minister Bernard Kolélas temporarily returning to attend his wife’s funeral. The so-called Ninjamilis, which Kolélas built, attacked the army but was driven out of the area after a few days, after several militiamen and soldiers were killed. Earlier, Ninja’s current leader, Pastor Frédéric Bitsangou, had promised that the militia would lay down arms and be converted to a political party, but nothing marked this. In November, on the President’s proposal, Parliament approved an amnesty for Kolélas.

Map of Republic of the Congo Brazzaville

A Brazzaville court in August acquitted 15 senior army and police officers who were charged with genocide, humanity crimes and war crimes in connection with the death of 353 people and likely to be killed in May 1999. The victims were refugees from the civil war who had just returned from Kinshasa. on the Congo River and arrested on arrival, suspected of belonging to a hostile militia. The court found that the defendants could not be personally liable for the disappearances, yet it sentenced them to pay the equivalent of about SEK 145,000 to relatives of 86 of the missing.