Six Models Who Want to Be The New Kate Moss, Would It Get?

It seems that the fashion world are willing to kill to Kate MOSS, symbolically, of course: all kinds of publications (from journals to blogs) every year write something about & #8220;The next/new Kate MOSS“, are why so much effort in the search for a successor? And most importantly, are the contenders for the throne of? MOSS to height? Here are the models that could be the next great model.

Agyness Deyn, the rare girl of runways

Kate MOSS us has conquered as a different model: in the 90s was the opposite for the voluptuous models of underground eighties that also on the catwalk and in advertising campaigns such as Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer. Kate MOSS was never within the canon of beautand and Agyness Deyn nor is it: bride of androgynous style and no less it Girl, has made the campaigns of Burberry o Giorgio Armani and can already boast numerous covers in Vogue. It is one of the aspirants to the throne of Kate precisely for this reason, by dawn, by not fit, by Mark difference.

Cara Delevingne, not what I say, Mario Testino says it

The hermanisima of Poppy Delevigne follows the same path as this: model and socialite. As in the Kate, not lost a party or an event, paraphrasing to Goldie Hawn at “ death I feel so well & #8221;: Cara Delevingne He would even attend the opening of an envelope. Eyes focused on it when Mario Testino He said: “ is fabulous, great. I worked with her in Burberrand ads. It is very funny. In a way, is a new Kate MOSS If you think about your personality, energand and attitude & #8221;.

He has worked for Oscar de la Renta, Jason Wu, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana o Fendi and you can see it at the Marie-Antoinette in the last campaign of Chanel, There is nothing. Conquest by being natural and wild, igualita that our Kate in its early days.

Daisy Lowe, professional robacampanas

Nor is for that, but if Daisy Lowe was already under the spotlight because a magazine decided to name it “ the new Kate ”, to throw more fuel to the fire … stayed with the campaign of Agent Provocateur that it belonged to Kate. Daisy It is a model with the appearance of rockstar, its particular physical has led her to participate in campaigns of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Pringle of Scotland, DKNY o Mango. And not is if it’s my thing but, although Kate and Daisy have nothing to do, there are pictures that I find them similar.

Alice Dellal, the Kate MOSS factor

If to face the labeled Mario Testino, a Alice Dellal was one of the editors of Elle Magazine who hung you the label of being the next Kate MOSS: “ Alice has a refreshing beauty. It has a rock & roll. She has Kate MOSS factor: it is tiny, it is not a classic beauty but it has something special “. Protected from Mick Jagger and Mario Testino, ex-girlfriend of Pierre Casiraghi: Alice succumbs to the phenomenon of model and socialite, all-in-one.

Its particular style, bordering on punk, with a part of the skinhead makes that it looms in the world of fashion. He has worked for Mango, Agent Provocateur y Chanel.

Irina Lazareanu, the protected from Kate

If anything it made Pete Doherthy the fashion was to present to Irina Lazareanu and a Kate MOSS and the latter introduced the world of modeling, presenting, among others to Karl Lagerfeld who was captivated her. Why? Irina represents that kind of atypical beautand and personality that either love you or to you is unbearable … but if it is the bride the very Kate not campaigns will be missing him. He was also image of Top Shop in one of the collections of Kate MOSS, It is Irina, perhaps, the alterego of Kate?

Lottie MOSS, takes it in blood

Alarms jumped at the wedding of Kate MOSS, When flashes caught her little sister Lottie. Lottie It is pretty, blonde and is sister of Kate What more can ask for? Relatively recently made his debut with photographs in which comes out spectacular, you must take it in blood. His father, although initially seemed against that Lottie follow the footsteps of her sister, increasingly reluctant less to this option, that Yes, does not want to start soon, would see to? Lottie on the catwalks? Who knows, I think the best successor of Kate MOSS.

From my point of view, Kate MOSS It is unique: it is impossible to try to find a new Kate, But yes to see how their influence is something very present in the fashion world, still, what do think of the aspirants to the throne? Do you think that any of them could be his successor?

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