Solomon Islands 2005

Yearbook 2005

Solomon Islands 2005

Solomon Islands. Former warlord Harold Keke was tried at the beginning of the year, accused of murdering a Catholic priest and politician. According to countryaah, Honiara is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Solomon Islands. Keke was sentenced to life imprisonment and two of his co-workers were also found guilty of the crime. The trial was seen as an important step on the road to re-establishing a legal society, since law and order collapsed in the devastating civil war of the late 1990s.

  • Also see abbreviationfinder.org for how the acronym SB stands for the country of Solomon Islands and other meanings of this two-letter abbreviation.

Map of Solomon Islands Honiara

Keke was the most infamous of hundreds of rebels arrested since an Australian-led peacekeeping force arrived in the island in 2003. According to police, he was guilty of a number of violent crimes and abuses and was awaiting new charges, including the charges. for the kidnapping and murder of seven missionaries.

The Civil War made the Solomon Islands the poorest country in the Pacific. The economy was hit particularly hard when the important production of palm oil ceased. But during the year, production resumed on a large plantation east of the capital Honiara, and palm oil exports were expected to resume in 2006.