Naples, Italy

Ischia and Naples, Italy

Ischia in Italy The island of Ischia is unlikely to be known to many. Although it is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples with 46 square kilometers, this alone does not make the Italian island more famous. Ischia belongs to the Italian region of Campania and was created from a volcano. At 789 […]

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Italy 2005

Yearbook 2005 Italy is one of the EU members located in south Europe. Protests erupted when a smoking ban was introduced in public places on January 10. Civilian-clad police and health inspectors sneaked around cafes and restaurants and handed out fines to visitors who broke the ban and to establishments that allowed guests to smoke. […]

Naples Attractions

Naples Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Naples Do you want an overview map of Naples with all the attractions? Click here for Map Naples! Museo Archeologico Nazionale The Naples National Archaeological Museum was founded as early as the late 18th century. It has one of the world’s largest and best exhibitions from Greek and Roman history and from the […]


Milan Travel Guide

Milan is fashionable in all seasons. Interesting cultural attractions, great shopping and lively city life make Milan a fascinating holiday destination. Milan is a cultural tourist’s dream destination where old buildings and modern ways of life meet. The city is especially known for its high fashion and historically significant attractions. The city also offers the greatest […]