The 10 best travel destinations in Thailand

The 10 best travel destinations in Thailand are not easy to find even for Thailand experts, because this country has many attractions. Nevertheless, some places should definitely be visited. Bangkok – Wat Po temple complex There is no way around Bangkok on a trip to Thailand. And it doesn’t have to, because the Thai capital […]

Map of Thailand Bangkok

Thailand 2005

Yearbook 2005 Thailand. According to countryaah, Bangkok is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Thailand. The parliamentary elections in January became a triumph for Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, whose party Thai straight Thai (‘Thais love Thais’) got just over 60% of the vote and 375 of the National Assembly’s […]

Elsewhere in Thailand to Krabi

Traveling to Krabi

You can travel to Krabi both on your own and for a package tour organized by a travel agency. You can also connect other destinations to your own trip, but you can also combine Bangkok, for example, with some package tours. There are direct flights from Helsinki to Krabi, and a trip to Krabi from […]