The 10 best travel destinations in Thailand


The 10 best travel destinations in Thailand are not easy to find even for Thailand experts, because this country has many attractions. Nevertheless, some places should definitely be visited.

  1. Bangkok – Wat Po temple complex

There is no way around Bangkok on a trip to Thailand. And it doesn’t have to, because the Thai capital with its over eight million inhabitants is worth a trip. The stay should not last too long, however, as the lively metropolis becomes very exhausting after just a few days. At least for those who also want to see something of the megacity. And there is a lot to see in Bangkok. On the one hand there is the temple complex Wat Po, which also houses the famous Reclining Buddha. In addition to this opulent masterpiece, there is much more to see in this architecturally beautifully designed complex. Many small temples invite you to linger. Some even have a monk in it. There are plants and statues on every corner.

  1. Bangkok – Wat Arun temple complex

If you are in the linchpin of the country, you should visit as much as possible. The impressive thing about the main temple of the Wat Arun temple complex is the really steep stairs. There is no one who does not hold onto the railing with a firm grip. Anyone who has completed the adventurous ordeal will be rewarded with a wonderful view.

  1. Bangkok – Chinatown

The last stop in the capital leads to bustling Chinatown. Bangkok is very bad in itself. Chinatown takes it to extremes. Loud, colorful and full are the right terms. Not only the numerous mopeds and tuk tuks honk here, there are also labyrinthine, narrow markets with an endless number of different products and there is something to eat on every corner

  1. The province of Udon Thani

After so much overstimulation, some relaxation is good. If you want to do without the islands, which are often very heavily touristy, and prefer to see the original Thailand, you can travel to the province of Udon Thani, for example. The traveler notices that things are different here than in the metropolis of Bangkok at the latest when they see the water buffalo on the streets. But there are also markets and interesting sights in Udon Thani. The Red Lotus Sea – as the picture above shows – is a real feast for the eyes.

  1. The monkey park in Kumphawapi

Forget the zoological garden in Berlin or the Wilhelma in Stuttgart! If you are in the province of Udon Thani, you should definitely visit the monkey park in Kumphawapi. The monkey families have apparently quartered themselves there and live without bars or fences. Some even walk around on the street, on electricity pylons or on roofs of houses.

  1. Jungle and waterfalls in Forest Park in Phu Foilom

The penultimate highlight of Udon Thani is an impressive forest area, in which there are several small waterfalls in and shortly after the rainy season. In the dry season, washed-out rock formations, giant millipedes and butterflies as big as swallows impress.

  1. Udon Thani city

The last stop on the journey through Udon Thani leads to the capital of the same name with a very nice shopping area and colorful markets. From the bridge of the city lake you can see tons of pigeons and big fish.

  1. Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand

The city has impressive temples that are among the most beautiful buildings in the world. The landscape is picturesque and the night life pulsates. Elephant rides through the jungle are offered near the city.

  1. The way is the destination

For happy people, the way is the goal. And one of the most beautiful destinations of the Thailand holiday should definitely be to travel through a large part of the country by train. For example from the north to the south towards Koh Samui.

  1. Lamai on Koh Samui

Anyone who has spent a long time in the hot and humid northeast of the country without bathing facilities will appreciate the sea air on the dream island. Lamai Beach is very quiet outside of the main season. In contrast to less touristy areas, English is largely understood on the whole island. Bungalows can be rented directly on the beach for little money. Especially for bathers, the place is by far one of the best travel destinations in Thailand.