The Advantages of Gel Varnish

I haven’t surrendered to this technique? After reading this text, we doubt that you resist! Discover the novelties and the care to protect your hands.


Known for bridging the most common failures of normal varnishes, as the short duration and the lack of brightness and resistance, is an alternative and economic with a result more natural when compared with other techniques. Despite being used as a varnish, works as a gel, which is a long-term option that allows you to maintain impeccable nails for about fifteen days. We know the advantages and the latest variants of application of gel varnish and we have good news.

The secret is in the light


Base, color and varnish top coat are the three essential products for your application. The speed of the process is another of its benefits. All the apparatus with LED bulbs that, in about 60 seconds, dry each of the three steps. Yes, this means the end of the waiting time when despair for the nails to dry without causing irreversible damage. Gel varnish removal is easy and is made with solvent. Some varnishes allow removal through peel off.


Pulling a tip, this detaches itself from the nail, although the latter is conditioned to various circumstances and avoid, for example, at the time of application to the surface of the natural nail is exfoliated and porous due to previous passage ofelectrical or manual file or file if present dryness and/or dehydration. Peel off removal should be done gently to avoid damaging the fibers of the nail.


Do it yourself


To make life easier and save you money, some brands have created kits that allow application adapted to home use. The walkthrough follows the same order ofprofessional application.


Looks like but it’s not gel


If you’re a fan of traditional manicure, you can choose to use the top coats withgel effect that concentrate some of the advantages of gel, reproducing in a few minutes the texture and brightness of professional manicures. And the best. You can do this on any varnish.