The Beauty Secrets of Bobbi Brown

The American makeup expert tells you what to do to hide the imperfections of your face. Put in excess is not the solution, reveals in an exclusive interview.


The passion for makeup came very early when he saw, for the first time, the collection of cosmetics from your mother. In the early 1980, decided to leave for New York in order to realize a dream, to avenge as professional make-up artist. Ten years later, launched the your first lipstick.

Since then never stopped. Today, Bobbi Brown is a reference in the world of fashion and of female beauty. Believes that every woman can be beautiful at any age. In an exclusive interview to Know Live, reveals some of their secrets and gives practical advice for everyday life.


What’s your ideal of beauty?


There is no standard of perfect beauty but numerous custom expressions of beauty. The secret of female beauty is simple. Consists of like you as it is today andwhat it was ten years ago or how you will ever be. Self-confidence is the most important element of true beauty.


Believes, therefore, that it is possible to grow old, make wrinkles and still have apretty face


Don’t associate beauty to a young face and without wrinkles. So, Yes, in my opinion it is possible to grow old, have wrinkles and still be beautiful. The lines of his face are proof that we live life. We have them when we showed emotion, laugh and express.


The counseling a woman of 30 years that afraid of aging?


If she thinks she‘s going to feel bad about 40, 50 or 60 years, need to take a step back and learn to face the aging of more positively. Then, you must consider thestyle of your life. This means no smoking and eating intelligently.


Tell us three tricks of makeup, resulting even, to combat the major signs of aging


Firstly, if the skin around the eyes is very dry, you may want to use a cream shadow that not vinca wrinkles and has a lasting effect. To give the complexion a fresh and healthy glow advise a moisturizer with color that allows you to harmonizethe skin tone without the wrinkles.


Finally, because lips tend to be thinner with age, you might want to prefer light or medium-toned lipsticks or glosses with color, making them fuller. To avoid emphasizing those little wrinkles around the lips, recommend using a moisturizer(not oily) in this area.


How can make-up help improve female self-esteem?


Nowadays, many women make what I call microscoping, i.e. repair in a characteristic less positive of your face and be obsessed with it. When a woman finds herself in this way, the perception you have of yourself is inevitably short of what would be desired. I think women need to adjust your perception and try to look at the full frame. I advise you to accept what you cannot change and that highlightwhat they have.


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In the book released at the end of the 2000 says that the makeup may have thesame effect (or even better) than a facelift. Any woman can get this transformation at home or just with the help of a professional?


Look better is not necessarily an all or nothing proposition. A woman can instantly improve your appearance by making just one or two things, which is great forsomeone who‘s debut in hair and makeup. Then, with practice, any woman can eventually reach every step of what I call the facelift of the makeup.


Which product of makeup that can dramatically improve the look feminine?


The concealer is one of my favorite beauty products and one of the top beauty secrets. The yellow-based concealers allow light to dark skin under the eyes and cause any person has a fresh look, as if he had slept 8 hours (when only sleepfive). The concealer can instantly brighten your face and lift the spirit.


What you should consider before buying any product of makeup?
The most important thing to consider when buying makeup is the personal style. If you prefer a more natural look, don’t let anyone push you to buy products that produce a blur or dramatically red lips look.
On the other hand, if you prefer a more elegant look and so probably won’t be satisfied with a completely neutral palette. So, to go to a makeup counter remember that no one can force you to buy whatever it is. Should only buy what worksfor you.
What is the best way to maintain a healthy Tan all year round?
Since the post to self tanning there are currently numerous options, which makethe life of those who want to maintain a natural Tan all year round. My favorite product is the bronzing powder because it’s quick and easy to apply. If you havedry skin, try a cream formula. For those who have oily skin, tanning gel is a good option. If you want the bronzed aspect last few days suggest the use of a self-Tanner.
What are your personal secrets to maintaining a youthful appearance?
From 50 years ago, the beauty is based on taking care of yourself and to feel good. We must, therefore, eat healthily, drink lots of water, wear sunscreen and doregular queries to the doctor. The most important aspect to remember is not looking at us as we are now, not compared to what we were used to.
Replace the usual moisturizer for a extra-rica formula can make the skin look fresher and make wrinkles less visible. A fond de teint in cream with moisturizing ingredients improves skin appearance and comfort. The definition is the key to this step, so I advise the use of a lip pencil to keep lipstick and an eyeliner to highlight the eyes.
That takes into account aspects when creating a new product of makeup?
Integrity is a word that means a lot to me professionally. I don’t believe in say to women that they need to buy something or, in other words, I don’t believe in creating needs. On the contrary, I believe in creating products that meet the needs of women. That’s how all my products emerge.
For example, I created a skin care line extra when I realized that the existing linewas not moisturize the skin very dry enough, mine included.
3 expert advice
1. «the excessive makeup does not work. Pay attention to the features of your face and see what you can do to improve the appearance or to disperse the attention of certain point», recommends Bobbi Brown.
2. If you don’t like your eyes, try to use more lipstick or learn how to outline theeyes to make them appear more defined», says the Manager.
3. Remember that light colors have a lifting effect. A clear shadow applied to the entire eyelid allows you to rejuvenate the look. A blush in light shades allows you to divert attention of the lines around the eyes and give the entire face a lifting effect , warns an expert in beauty and makeup
The past and the present of Bobbi Brown
Make-up artist of international renown, founder of the multimillion-dollar company Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. In the beauty industry for over 25 years, their products are sold in more than 20 countries, having been gaining admirers around the world, among them Susan Sarandon, Cameron Diaz or Sharon Stone.
She is the author of three bestsellers the New York Times ranking and publisher of beauty in the morning show Today, us television station NBC. Is often invited to participate in programs related to fashion and beauty, makeup both models for magazine covers, as for productions and fashion shows. Lives in New Jersey with your husband and three children.