The Curious Case of Bambi Northwood-Blyth

I am convinced that this face has not gone you unnoticed since its irruption in the fashion world it took in early 2010. Bambi Northwood-Blyth becoming the fashion industry despite his stature girl (1, 70 m) and its peculiar and striking eyebrows that are more recognizable identity password as if it were Brooke Shields.

Also you will struck your name: “ Bambi ”, rather, his nickname, real name is Stephanie but you know that it always sells over a name or unusual nick so taking advantage of devotion that this model has for that character (has it tattooed on her right wrist) Agency baptized you as Bambi Nortwhood.

That not many years ago, in 2008 with 17 years this Australian girl already would enter in a local agency of models in Melbourne, his birthplace. During its first two years his greatest accomplishments would step onto the catwalk at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week as well as lower-level jobs. The question is clear, how is it possible that a virtually unknown model passes overnight to stardom overnight?

We have the answer in the year 2010 when starts out with Dan Single, the creator’s signature Ksubi (with who had already modelled the previous year) and that would open up the doors of the fashion at the highest level.

A few weeks confirm dating our protagonist spends sitting in a local agency to sign by the prestigious Agency Elite in New York, your cache would begin to climb as the foam, also his height since the Agency happens to be officially measured 1, 76m, and at the same time begins to see different acts and festivals where meets the flower and cream of the fashion world.

During those first months of dating his career takes a turn of 180 °, in 2010 would appear on 4 covers in Australia, among the most important we find this Australian edition of Harper ’ s Bazaar June 2010 where already appears named as one of the new Australian supermodels.

And before the end of the year their turn on the catwalk reach you the highest level, marching in New York and Paris for Diesel (closed the parade), Kenzo, Giambatista Valli and even to Balenciaga and Chanel, There is nothing. He had just become the newcorner par excellence of this 2010.

She is photogenic, I that will not deny, and in addition to his unique style on the catwalk and her casual air, his eyebrows also give a touch differential. All this has earned its success at the moment is not a flower of a day and during the 2011 still hogging jobs and notoriety, indeed returned to parade for Chanel During this 2011 and we like it or not, is not very common to see in a newcomer.

Also is beginning to get its first popularity campaigns as of H & M or perhaps your work far more important, to appear in the perfume Ck One campaign.

Will Bambi there be for some time? I am convinced that we will continue watching his peculiar eyebrows for a long time.