The New Cara Delevingne Has Name and Surname, She Is Line Brems

When a model stands out among the rest for the reason that is, industry is responsible for in look for a like with any previous top, but when his fame reaches such a level, clone models try to follow in his footsteps. However, to be “the new (insert name of model here)” is no easy task, and Line Brems, who keeps quite similar with face Delevingne, knows this situation.

The model and British socialite Cara Delevingne to whom also hung her new Kate Moss label, appears to have company. Danish birth and only 18 years old, Line Brems, suggests ways to be one of the new faces with more pull of the season, but not only that, if not that save special similarity with the Delevingne small.

Blond hair, eyebrow populated and features similar to the English model, Line Brems It has all the ballots to be called new face, although according to her same has admitted “I think that I look like myself, and seems to face to face”, however, also feels honoured by the comparisons.

Graced by the absence of Delevingne or not, the latest fashion weeks in the new face Danish Line Brems He has participated to such well-known names as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana or Maison Margiela. Is it worthy successor to face Delevingne Line?