The New Nina Mimada De Prada, Liza Ostanina, and His Road to Stardom

New there are faces that are discovered nothing but be born, as in the case of Gigi Hadid and her affair with Guess since two years, others on the contrary, are favored by the contacts of relatives and friends, and others, as Liza Ostanina they give the jump to the stardom thanks to social networks. And so it is like the overnight, Liza came into the cast of models of Prada, He sneaked into his menswear collection and paraded for Dior haute couture.

Prada Menswear autumn 2015 / 2016

Russia has always been one of the fetish what great faces of fashion is concerned, see Natalia Vodianova, Natasha Poly or Anna Selezneva, therefore in the new generation of models could not miss a from the country of the matrioskas face.

Liza o. was discovered on social networks by her mother agency, Star System, after which traveled to Japan where made his first works against targets and conquered Japanese runways. But his potential was soon discovered by Prada, which did not hesitate to include it among their ranks.

Dior high Couture spring 2015

It took little Dior at look at this model of deep blue eyes, and both liked Liza Ostanina that not only paraded on the high seam spring 2015 of the maison collection, but it also, closed the parade, with all that this implies.

Or campaigns for Marc by Marc Jacobs, or strategies as We love your genes, Liza Ostanina was discovered without eating or drinking, but his rise seems to have no end, although it is not surprising when you’ve turned on the pretty girl’s Prada.