The Rarest Model Agencies… Yes, There Are!

The World of fashion It is changing, and their models are no longer the typical suits parading with face of insufficient on the catwalk. OK, can you most of them comply with these requirements, but the truth is that the world of fashion is expanding its sights and many are already the model agencies that specialize in another field. transsexuals, fat, geeks, normal people… There are to give and sell, and that the be a model It does not measure 1’80 and weigh less than 58 kg.

The word model encompasses much more than what we know as top models

We have already been seeing it eventually: firms are committed to give another image, so much is so & Other Stories has just launched its Athleisure capsule collection where five creative (all of them transsexuals) have a history that extends the view of gender and identity in fashion. The public calls for integration, firms want to differentiate themselves from each other and everyone is welcome… Be a model not only mean that Hop on a gateway to parade.

New Athleisure Capsule collection campaign image of & Other Stories

Apple Models Management

It is a Thai model agency that has just opened a new headquarters in Los Angeles dedicated only and exclusively to transsexual models. It opened its doors at the end of July this year with only 6 transsexual models, today because they are 21. It seems that the fashion world is cold and superficial, but increasingly is opening up more and more the mind.

Ugly Models Agency

Described as one agency where women models are fat and men freaks, although watching your portfolio we realize that is not the case at all. That Yes, it is not a normal Agency. People with piercings and tattoos, with a few extra pounds or wanting to draw attention. Is that what you want? Ugly Models is for you. Want to know how are sold? You just need to watch their words…

We like our (and our) models to be geeks and overweight, we like physical disabilities, and those who are extremely high… Or short people. Transsexuals to grannies, burlesque or cyclists. No one is too abstract to us

Lumpen model agency

But if I’m normal… How can I be a model! Yes, yes you can if there is desire to. And is that today there are agencies for everything and everyone, so if you’re in the normal species you have your place in Lumpen model agency. People on the street who do not aspire to much however have that do not know what makes them different and with qualities to be model (either gateway or not). If you want to… You can.

Lorde Inc

80% of the models that parade in gateway or appear in ads or shootings of fashion are skinned. Asians and Blacks make up 7′ 4% (each for its part), while the rest is made up of latinos and other genres. But for these minority groups exists Lorde Inc, the modeling agency that does not discriminate against anyone for their skin color or their origin… That Yes, their models are on the street, i.e. they are not the type up to a gateway.

Parts Models

Each has a part of the body that likes more than other. Perhaps they are endless legs, hands of pianist or a sensual mouth to the Angelina Jolie. Whatever that part, there is a modeling agency interested in it. And it is that Parts Models based on that, to hire according to the part of the body. In this way your eyes may appear in a fashion magazine, or your hands in an advertisement of creams. Do you feel like?

BMA Models

Are you one of those that has a few hands of infarction or the few of your friends with decent feet to be worn at all times? BMA Models you are looking for. And his specialty are those two limbs that are both used for advertising. Who knows, you could be the owner of the most famous hands of the world…