Tours to Puerto Rico

Tours to Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a wonder island in the Caribbean. The secret of the unique atmosphere of Puerto Rico is hidden in the history and culture of this island. Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise with turquoise ocean waters, colorful fish, palm trees, lush tropical greenery, sweet scents of exotic flowers and rosy sunsets. The island, discovered by the Spaniards, is under the control of the United States, and is a fusion of American, Spanish, African and Native American cultures. On the one hand, this ensures security and order, on the other hand, it gives Puerto Rico an indescribable flavor, so appreciated by tourists.

Puerto Rico is a vacation for those who do not like to sit still. The island offers a huge amount of entertainment and recreational opportunities: historical sights, incredible natural wonders, restaurants, shops, nightclubs. Holidays in Puerto Rico are suitable for family vacations, and honeymoon trips, and for a relaxed beach pastime.

The Free Associated State of Puerto Rico is administered by the United States as an “unincorporated organized territory”

Capital is San Juan

Official languages: Spanish, English

Currency – US dollar

Timezone: UTM -4 hours. Time difference with Moscow: – 8 hours

Population: 3,726 thousand people

Territory: 9 thousand km2

Population: 98.8% of the population identify themselves as Hispanic Latino, with 95.1% identifying themselves as Puerto Rican; 80.5% of the population consider themselves white, 8% black, the rest – mestizos 2% and others.

The head of state is the President of the United States, in whose elections Puerto Ricans cannot take part; they pay only a portion of their federal taxes as compensation.

The head of government is the governor, who is elected by popular vote for a term of 4 years.

Telephone code 8-10-1787

Climate – the temperature stays within 24–29 ° C all year round, on the northern coast it is usually somewhat fresher and cooler. The hottest and wettest month is August, when the monthly rainfall reaches 18 centimeters. In August – September, the season of heavy rains, hurricanes are possible. The high season lasts from mid-December to mid-April, hotels for this period.


Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (IATA code: SJU) is one of the largest in the Caribbean. It receives flights from major cities in the US, Canada, Germany and Spain, as well as many flights from other Caribbean islands.


Puerto Rico is one of the Greater Antilles, located between the Virgin Islands and Haiti. The length of the island is 170 kilometers. The island has fairly high mountains, most of it is covered with tropical forests. The island is densely populated (more than 3 million people), economically developed, with good tourist infrastructure and many excellent beaches. 4 islands are inhabited: to the west of Puerto Rico – the island of Mona (Mona), and Desecheo, (Desecheo); to the east – the island of Vieques (Vieques) and Culebra (Culebra). Puerto Rico is the smallest of the Greater Antilles in terms of area.


History. San Juan is not only the oldest city in Puerto Rico, but also the oldest city founded by Europeans in the United States. It’s even older than St. Augustine, Florida. San Juan traces its history back to 1508, when one of the first settlements on the shores of the New World was founded in its place. The old town has been remarkably well preserved. Ancient forts and wonderful examples of colonial architecture create an extraordinary historical atmosphere that rare cities in America can boast.

An almost anecdotal story happened with the name of the capital. The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493. The land was then inhabited by the Taino Indians. They called their island Boriken. The Spaniards renamed it San Juan in honor of John the Baptist, and the capital was called Puerto Rico – “Rich Port”. New place names were sent to the Spanish Queen for approval, but in the final version they returned in the reverse order – the island was called “Puerto Rico”, and the capital was “San Juan”. Apparently, the royal officials made a mistake, but it was too late to retreat.

San Juan is a wonderful place for walking: old houses and churches, cozy squares, art galleries, restaurants and cafes, small shops and a special Caribbean flavor. This is a real open-air museum, keeping 500 years of history only from the time of Christopher Columbus.

Shopping. The island is often called the Caribbean capital of shopping – in San Juan there are huge modern shopping centers, where even residents of the surrounding islands come to shop. Here is the “Plaza Las Americas” – the largest shopping center in the Caribbean.

Kitchen. There are national gastronomic “highlights” here, which were inherited from the Taino Indians, who once inhabited the island. Tainian, African and Spanish culinary traditions, which have been conjured by local lovers of good food for five centuries, have given the island its unique gastronomic “I”. It has been proven in practice that Russians like the local cuisine, which, by the way, is characterized by the use of a large number of roots. This is the local highlight. You can buy great coffee on the island. At one time, it was even delivered to the Vatican.

Music. In addition, there is a very rich musical life. The assortment has everything – salsa, merengue, variety, classic. International classical music festivals are regularly held. Some of them last for 5-6 weeks! Spivakov and Olga Kern performed in Puerto Rico. Frequent guests on the island are Shakira, Madonna, Ricky Martin and other world stars.

Underground. San Juan is also surprising in that there is even a subway here, as many as 16 stations. Well, where else in the Caribbean, after returning from the beach, will you ride the subway?

Tours to Puerto Rico